Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Infrequent Honors Hammer Update


Season 22 (January) wrapped up and I made it up to Rank 10 on the ladders, which represents a new person best. It's possible I could have made it farther, but I stopped playing after I hit Rank 10 for fear of losing stars and falling back down the ranks.

The entire climb was done with my Tempo Mage. I run a fairly standard list with one Piloted Shredder and one Water Elemental. Both are great cards and it seemed like whichever one I had, I wanted the other one, so I'm running one copy of each. Like most Tempo Mages, I'm not running Flamestrike. Like one of the old ground and pound football offenses, Tempo Mage needs to play from in front and a card that is only good when you are behind has no place in the deck.

The meta is so weird. Monday, I got the quest to win 5 games as a Warrior or Paladin. My Warrior is more complete so I pulled out my Control Warrior. It's the beginning of the season so I'm bracing for a slew of Mysterious Paladins, Zoolocks, Aggro Shamans, Face Hunters, and tech my deck accordingly. What do I get? Two Handlocks, three Control Warriors and one Face Hunter. I managed to go 5-1. The Control Warrior mirrors were tough because they were running Elise Starseeker and I wasn't, but I still managed to win two out of the three. The first one to pull Justicar has a big advantage.


After getting my Light Side Guardian to 65, I started working on my Dark Side Commando. I got him through the KotFE story making some different choices with him. He's not completely Dark Side, he just doesn't have any mercy for a fallen enemy which is always a Dark Side choice, and places the mission over people, often a Dark Side choice. It was interesting watching him go from hating Lana to actually realizing they were more alike than different. The story still played out largely the same way.

At this point, I'm working on the Star Fortresses arc with both of them, but its mind numbingly repetitive. I'm basically waiting for the next chapter to come out this month and get the next bit of story.


I hadn't really been doing much with WoW. After a friend gifted me an ATOC/Warden guild run to kill Heroic Archimonde, I'm been at a little bit of a loss as to what to do when I log in. I've had to go Ret for any of the raids I've run since I don't have the consistency the guild really needs from a tank.

I got contacted by an old friend of mine, Aoesrus, who had recently come back to the game after going through some really tough IRL situations. He wanted me to come join his guild, but there was just one small issue, he now played Alliance.

Aoes and I go way back. I've known the guy for years and he was briefly my roommate right before my daughter (who is now 16) was born. He's also the guy that got me into WoW in the first place by giving me an account.

I made the decision to go back to Team Blue and join Aoes' guild on Blade's Edge. I will truly miss the Dirty Casuals and they are a great group of guys to game with.


SolidState said...

"but I stopped playing after I hit Rank 10 for fear of losing stars and falling back down the ranks."

A bit confused about why this matters to you. Your highest rank reached in the season determines your season-end chest reward, not your current rank at season end. Even if you dropped down to 20 you would still get the level 10 chest.

In any case, gz on reaching level 10!

Honors Code said...

Somewhere along the way I must have missed that memo. Thanks for the heads up.