Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Darkmoon Faire boosted leveling

The Darkmoon Faire carousel gives you a buff called WHEE which is a 10% experience and reputation buff for up to 1 hour. Leveling the Monk, I had run out of rested experience. I remembered I had a Shaman languishing at 101 in Azuna, and a Warrior sitting at 93 in Shadowmoon Valley. Both are close to the cap. I decided to level them while I waited for some rested experience to build up on the Monk.

I abandoned the Shaman early on in Legion. I had switched him from Elemental to Enhancement because I wanted to see the story of  Doomhammer. It's an iconic weapon like The Ashbringer. I couldn't see Thrall parting with it, but that's what he did. Of course, now I was Enhancement and ventured into the world. It didn't go well. I died every other pull and the ones I didn't die on, I had less than half my health left.

I don't know what changed, but getting back on my Shaman, he no longer felt like he was made of paper. I tore through some quests and I was 102 in short order. Thank goodness, I thought, I can go back to Elemental. I had leveled up to 100 as Elemental and remembered enjoying it. The quest for the Fist of Ra-Den was painful, but I got through it. When I did the quest for Light's Heart, the boss is constantly putting stuff under your feet. I wasn't having fun again and switched back to Enhancement. Once more, I started tearing through quests.

The classes I've gotten up to high levels are Paladin, Hunter, Druid, Shaman, and Warrior. I'm starting to think I like melee more than Ranged. My Druid eventually went Feral. I know my Hunter is Ranged but Beast Mastery never hard casts anything. It's the most melee like Ranged spec you could have. Even at that, I'm finding myself drawn to the Battle for Azeroth Survival Hunter.

My Warrior had been Fury but after doing a little research, it appeared Arms would be better for leveling. I switched him over and started working through Draenor. Charge is still my favorite spell on my Warrior, followed by Heroic Leap. I love getting thrown into the air and charging right back into the mob's face mid air.

It didn't take long to remember why I retired this guy. Every combat is like an Aggro deck playing against a Control deck in Hearthstone. Kill them before they kill you. This is somewhat true with every class, but most of my classes have some way of healing themselves, or splitting the damage with a pet. With my Warrior, my only option is to get banging away, and hope my Execute spam kills the mob in time. I like the way Victory Rush rewards you going from mob to mob as fast as you can, but it creates a more frantic play style than I like. I still would like to get him to 110 because of how close he is.

By the time the Faire left town, the Shaman was 104, the warrior was 95 and my Monk was in the mid 40s. My biggest concern is if I will have enough time to get all three to 110 before the prepatch. My official prediction is July 10th, 2018. If I can, it would give me six options to play around with during the prepatch to see who I wanted to be my Alliance main.

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