Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I am number four

I finished leveling the Shaman over the weekend.
Enhancement proved to be a fun leveling spec, and I loved all the Shaman spells graphics, even on the healing spells. The biggest downside was times when I'd go a while without a Stormbreaker proc and it felt like all I was doing was Rockbiter and Flame Lash to bleed off Maelstrom. .

I didn't get the quest for Argus, but instead I got Uniting the Isles. I guess this was because I wasn't done with Highmountain and I hadn't even started on Val'sharah, yet. I guess I needed to do those if I'm going to get to the Broken Isles with him and get his class mount. Part of the reason was rested but a big part was the Invasions. I hit up two this weekend. While you can't get the overall quest or the ending scenario, all the Invasion World Quests reward experience.
This gives me four 110 toons I've leveled all the way up. The other three were Paladin, Hunter, and my Horde Druid. My other 110 is my Alliance Druid which I used the Legion 100 boost on. The Warrior comes next and he's already Level 100 and working his way through Azuna. I managed to get him to 98 during the weekend and he was able to do both Invasions as well. With any luck, he'll be 110 by the end of next weekend.

I don't see any way the Monk, currently 48, makes it to 110 by the prepatch, even with 8 hours of Enlightenment. If I end up going Monk, I'll have to use my Battle for Azeroth boost on him. I would like to at least get him to 60 to get the Veteran bonuses to professions.

I enjoyed the the Shaman enough that I've put it in my top 3 classes for my new Battle for Azeroth main. The others contenders Monk and Hunter.

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BigFire said...

Congrat. I actually did the stupid thing of having all 12 specs done. When pre-purchase and ally races became available, I went through the process of leveling void elf and lightforged draenei again (warlock/hunter). The warlock became my new guild bank alt for the purpose of mostly sitting in front of auction house and a mailbox.