Monday, December 7, 2015

[SWTOR] A Return

There's a movie coming out in a couple of weeks that you may have heard something about. Everything right now seems to be Star Wars and it put me in a real Star Wars mood. A good friend recommended I try out the new expansion for SWTOR "Knights of the Fallen Empire".

It's been a long time since I fired up Star Wars, but I thought I'd give it a go. My Jedi Knight was still on Makeb so I finished that up. What was really cool is that my friend was able to come join me and even though he was Level 65 (current cap) and I was level 50 (old cap), the game downleveled him to the planet we were on and we were able to quest together without him just destroying everything we came across in one hit.

I wanted to keep going but I needed to buy Shadows of Revan and Knights of the Fallen Empire. Since WoW is tokened up until well into 2016, I decided to subscribe for 3 months as that was about as much as the Expansions but you got them for free if you subbed. While SWTOR is a F2P, its a much more enjoyable one as a sub.

I played through the Shadows of Revan storyline and I really enjoyed it. They really put some thought into someone going through the story after it was no longer current content. At one point, I hit a series of quests that required me to run Flashpoints (Dungeons). SWTOR is far more inflexible than WoW in changing spec and my Knight has always been Defense (tank spec). With a DPS companion, I kill stuff fairly fast and I get to be all tanky. I wasn't keen on the idea of tanking for a pickup group of strangers when I was still remembering what half my buttons did.

Lucky for me, I had the option of running the flashpoints in solo mode. I went with my companion and the game provided a droid to assist. You can now set your companions to a role whereas before their role was set for you. The game saw that I was in a tank spec, and I had set Kira (my companion) to DPS spec, and it set the robot to heal. Later, when my friend was on, we were able to duo the flashpoints with just us and our companions. A couple of fights were tough, but we made it through. Again, it downleveled him to my level for us to group. So cool and so appreciated by me.

As I neared the end of the Revan story, I hit the brick wall in progression. I needed to run an Operation (Raid) called the Temple of Sacrifice. SWTOR has no LFR so I figured I was stuck until I realized that SWTOR had provided an alternate path to the end of the story. If I didn't want to run the Operations, I could complete a series of quests that culminated with a battle against the titular villain of the expansion accompanied by my companions and key NPCs.

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