Friday, April 22, 2016

[SWTOR] Chapters 10, 11, 12

I've now completed SWTOR Chapters 10, 11, and 12 on both my Light side Jedi Knight Guardian and my sort of Dark side Republic Trooper Commando. Major spoilers for the story are included. Consider yourself warned.

I'm encouraged that each chapter has gotten better and I'm looking forward to them resolving the cliffhanger ending of Chapter 12 when Chapter 13 launches. If they leave it hanging and move on to the next bit of story, I will be most put out.

My main issue with all three chapters was length. Each one felt like it was about 90 minutes or so of content and I knocked each one out in a single night. The problem is I'm paying a sub to get these chapters and 90 minutes of content per month isn't enough to justify it. I'm not sure how long the original KotFE chapters were, but they certainly felt longer, but maybe that's because we got all 9 at once.

Chapter 10

I found Chapter 10 to be fairly weak. I did play with Kailyo some on my Imperial Agent alt, but I never really liked her, and getting to play with her again wasn't that big of a deal for me. The constant running around on Zakuul felt like mostly filler. I still don't understand how I as "The Outlander", only the most wanted person in the entire galaxy, and a guy who had his image flashed all over Zakuul, keeps going back to Zakuul and merrily strolling around again and again. Arcaan is sitting up on the throne, getting all upset that Vailyn can't find The Outlander. Maybe check the Lower City, guys. At first, I didn't find the end 'choice' of the chapter to be that compelling but as you get into Chapter 11 you see the consequences a little better (at least on my Dark side Trooper - there we no consequences for my Light side Knight).

What's Up with Koth?

I don't understand Koth deciding to leave my Darkside trooper. Yes, my Darkside trooper both let the power plant explore during his initial escape from Zakuul and in Chapter 10, he allowed Kailyo to target civilians with her explosives. As far as the power plant goes, Nissi (that's my trooper's name) is a soldier, he understands collateral damage and at the time, escape was the better tactical choice over quite possibly self sacrifice to save a bunch of citizens. As for Kailyo, Koth needs to understand that we are fighting a freaking war against Zakuul. He needs to figure out what side he's on. Civilians are going to get hurt. If he's so mad about The Outlander hurting civilians, he needs to go back to Zakuul and put back on his freaking Paladin armor. Of course he's all buddy buddy with my Light side Knight who stop the power plan from exploding and wouldn't let Kaylio target civilians.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 was an improvement and I actually did this chapter first on my Trooper because of the starring role of Aric Jorgan. I didn't get to spend as much time with Jorgan as I would have liked leveling up. As a DPS trooper, it made more sense to run with Elara (healer) than Jorgan (DPS). This was back before you could choose your companion's role.

The dialog and story in this chapter were solid. For some reason, Jorgan brings out more light side in my trooper than normal. He gets most of his dark side points from refusing mercy to his enemies. (Spoiler) In the case of the helping the refugees in Chapter 11, Nissi saw a tactical advantage in helping and then arming the refugees.

Because I had gone Light side with my Trooper, the chapter played out similarly with my Knight except for some of the dialog which referenced Aric's previous relationship with the trooper.

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 got off to a great start. I really liked the war room scene that opened the chapter. I tried to make some different decisions (Knight favored Jorgan and blowing up the transmitter, Trooper favored Kailyo and slicing it), but both got the "you can't please everyone" speech from Lana. Guess I didn't make the choice different enough.

It was nice to finally get us back to Valkorian who had been oddly quiet through Chapter 10 and 11.

I understood him being pissed with my Knight who had refused to kneel and refused to use his power on every occasion and has consistently said he will destroy Arcann AND the Emperor. I didn't understand Valkorian's hostility toward my Dark side Trooper. My Trooper knelt to the Emperor and has used his power. Both were seem by my Trooper as the correct tactical decisions at the time.
Valkorian said basically the same things to both of my characters.

Near the end of the chapter, you have to make a choice between whether your character believes in free will or fate. My Light side Knight didn't like either choice chose instead to cling to Jedi code. I'm curious where that will take him. I considered having him be harder on Satale for allying with the ghost of Darth Maar, but he had allied with Maar both on Yavin IV and again on Marr's Star Destroyer.

The end of the Chapter was back in the war room and it built up to a great cliffhanger that I can't wait to see resolved.

Then I saw the announcement of Chapter 13 which seems like another diversion and side quest. The story seemed to building towards a confrontation with Zakuul and this one looks like filler. I hope I'm wrong.

I'm sure the Sith Warrior's are excited about getting Vette back. Where's Kira, dagnabit!


Xénu said...

I have just about given up on swotor. I find the 'same story' for all just doesn't lend itself to lots of alts, once you have done one light/one dark then there really isn't much point doing it all over again.

I may pick it up at a later date but I fear that it won't retain much of a player base for very long unless they pump out some more end content.

Honors Code said...

I tend to agree that they need to develop some new endgame content. I mean there's got to be a spire raid with Vailyn and Arcann as endbosses right? All the developers are talking about is new chapters that will take place after KotFE. They seem to be all-in on their 'fourth pillar' of story.