Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Patch Night 4.0

I got home late on Tuesday night because that is the night I’m leading a Financial Peace University (FPU) group. FPU is a great program created by a guy named Dave Ramsey, and I am happy to be able to provide it to people in my local area. It  teaches you how money really works, how to get out of debt, be prepared for emergencies, invest and so much more. More than one million families have benefited from Dave’s class. On average these families paid off $5,300 in debt and saved $2,700 in just 90 days.
Because I got in late, I got a late start on my patching process. I had had the background downloader download the patch already, but it still took a while for it to install. When I finally logged in, it was about as I had expected, which is to say, it was a state of pandelerium. As a precaution, learned from previous big patch days, I had turned all my addons off. The first one to get turned back on was SpartanUI, which, much to my relief, worked for the most part. The other addon I got working was Bagnon. That at least got me functional.
My main goal was to get all my stockpiled materials to the auction house as quickly as I could. Over the past week, I had been doing Auctioneer scans and buying up Glyphs that were dramatically underpriced. I paid between 5g and 1g for these Glyphs. Now, you have to understand that I’m risk adverse, so instead of buying huge stacks of Glyphs, I bought them ones and twos, so I only had about a dozen Glyphs to sell. In addition to the Glyphs, I also had a stack of gems to put up. This amounted to about a dozen Cardinal Rubies, bought mostly with Honor pre-patch, as well as Scarlet Rubies and Bloodstones. Actually, I had a whole bunch of ‘green’ level gems from prospecting. My plan had been to load up on Scarlet Rubies and supply the happy alchemists who would be transmuting like crazy.
The first snag in the brilliant plan was that the transmutation cooldown had not, in fact, been removed. Whether that was a bug, or the Developers changing their minds, I don’t know. The second snag was discovered when I went to actually start posting stuff. My addon of choice is Auctioneer, and it was thoroughly borked. So I had to post the old fashioned way. I’m hoping Auctioneer gets updated soon, or I’ll have to go hunting for a replacement.
As I opened the Glyph pane on the Auction House, I smiled. The Glyphs were going for 80g to 90g a pop. My theory is that is a very limited time occurrence. Last night was something of a feeding frenzy, and people were spending money like mad. I put up my Glyphs at a 20g to 30g undercut. I wanted to make sure they sold, even if they sold to another Glyph seller who wanted to repost them. Before I posted, I got on vent and explained what I was doing, in case any of my Guildmates were posting.
It was at this point, I discovered the annoying, one click per auction. Because I was not using mods, I had to manually separate my stacks.
Next, I had Honors cut some STR, INT, and AGI red gems from my stash of Cardinal Rubies. I put those up, as well as some uncut Rubies. I went ahead and put all the rest of my gems, I’ll see if they sell.
Going with my idea that this is a limited time occurrence, I’ve held off on my own glyph and gem purchases. I think things will calm down quickly. There will be a little bump this weekend when the weekend players come online, but after that I expect the prices, especially on Glyphs to be much lower than you saw Tuesday night.
I am very curious to see what is in my Bank Mule’s mailbox tonight when I log in.


For the Pie said...

I hate missing Auctioneer too. It usually gets updated before the patch, wonder if maybe curse didn't go get it for some reason...hrm.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to manually separate your stacks, that's built into the default UI, directly under the icon of the item you put in there. There are two boxes, one for qty and the other for stack size. The order of the boxes is reversed from Auctioneer, so where before you'd set 4 stacks of 5, the default UI will let you set Qty 5 x 4 stacks.

A full stack posted using that takes only a single confirmation and no extra bag space is required for the splitting, so even if you have a full inventory the default AH will just take however many you told it to off of the stack and post them directly.

Forreststump said...

We are about $3K from finishing a $40K snowball. Starting 2011 debt-free (or darn close to it).

Forreststump said...

Auctionator might be a temporary alternative for you. It splits/posts by using the stock "Sell" function.

65k in the bank from glyphs in the first 48hrs. Cha-ching!

Anonymous said...

If you do use the default auctionator to post, be sure to set items for a stack price and not per item or vice versa. The first couple times I tried using it I was listing cloth at like 2300g per stack until I figured that out.

Wankster of Magtheridon