Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Post Patch Raid

Oi-vey, am I behind on my posting or what?
Anyway, we raided one time right after the new talents came out. I did well, but consistently lost to our Rogue. Here’s the meter from Deathbringer Saurfang. DBS-meter He’s very good and very well geared, plus he’s been playing a Rogue as his main since at least Burning Crusade and I’m just starting to play my Warrior. I know 9k is a little low based on some numbers I’ve heard from other Warriors, but this was 10 man, with only 10 man buffs. Suffice to say, I was pleased with my performance. Here is the breakdown of my damage: dbs-breakdown 
The 4 misses indicate I still need more hit. I need to do some research on the Glancing mechanic, and figure out why that was almost as high as Crit. As you can see I’m pretty much ignoring Slam. MMO-Champion states that the new Beta build has reduced the Rage cost of Slam. That will help because it just wasn’t doing enough damage for the Rage cost.
The situation in the game hasn’t changed a great deal. We actually scheduled another raid, but I was going to a Childbirth Refresher course that night with Mrs. Hammer. You see there is a little Hammer that we are expecting around the first week of the New Year. I’m shopping for a laptop I can use in the hospital to play WoW, and Civ V. I’m strapped for cash and can’t go over $500. If you are tech savvy and could make a recommendation, I’d love to hear it. I’m going to be watching the Black Friday adds like a hawk looking for a deal.
I’ve been frantically preparing for NaNoWriMo. If you don’t know what that is, I’ve provided a handy dandy link to the main site. I’ve got a rough outline for my story. It’s nothing like what I did for the Blizzard Short Story contest. You will find nary an elf or orc in it. While I’m looking forward to NaNo, I’m really beginning to have my doubts that I can finish it with work, church, and a very pregnant wife.
We currently stand about 5 weeks out from Cataclysm. With the help of some friendly guild mates, I was able to complete The Hallowed, which was one of the goals I had. One guild mate, in particular, was impressive. Without being asked, she came all the way from Desolace, where she is busting out LoreMaster, to Dalaran just to zap me with the costume I needed. I had no idea she was so far out when I put out a call in Guild Chat for a the costume I needed. Her generosity and selflessness were very much appreciated.
I’ve continued to work on my Argent Tournament standing, getting to Champion of Thunderbluff and now working on the Trolls. I’d really love the portable bank/mailbox from the Tournament for questing in Cataclysm. The other goal I have right now is to get Kingslayer on my Warrior. He only lacks an Arthas kill, but I don’t think my chances are very good, especially with losing gaming nights to NaNoWriMo. My best bet is probably to find a PuG working on the encounter and hope we can get it down.
My other goals are to get his Fishing up, finish his Enchanting, and continue to make money for Cataclysm. Other than doing the Argent Tournament dailies, I’ve been doing quests in IceCrown I’ve missed. I'm getting almost 14g a quest, which isn’t bad. Without some miracle, I’m going to fall far short of my goal of 50k.


Sol said...

Sadly, it's impossible to reduce your chance to have a glancing blow, or to push glancing blows off the hit table. There is a fixed chance when attacking any mob of your level or higher for a given attack to be glancing. Against raid bosses, that's 24%. Considering your sample size was only 158 swings, I'd consider your result of 27.2% to be well within experimental error. It's just part of being melee DPS :) is a good resource on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Netbook reviewed by Attack of the Show:

listed for $485 with decent gaming performance for a netbook.

Thorned said...

Playing WoW with a Notebook is pretty much a pain in the ass :D Is that even allowed in the hospital? oO

Nice to see that you get to move forward with your warrior and seem to have fun with it. Keep it up and you will run circles along the rogues I guess.
As always dps warriors scale pretty well at the end of the expansion and with a smart person playing said warrior it should be no problem for you :-)

Richard said...

I have a question regarding you and your warrior. I've played paladin now since Vanilla and one of my favorite things is soloing old raids and such. When I play my warrior, I don't feel like I'm capable of doing that. How do you deal with not being able to solo old raid content anymore? Did you ever really get into that part of the game?