Burning Crusade Classic Protection Paladin Guide : Talent Builds

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0/49/12 - The Maintankadin


This is the "Cookie-cutter" Prot spec. 


  • Best suited for standard "main tanking"
  • Gets most of the cool stuff in the Prot tree


  • Not much hybrid left; healing (or DPS) suffers quite a bit

12/35/14 - The Gladiator


The goal of this build is to keep most of the important Prot and Ret talents from the standard 0/49/12 build, but add in uninterruptable healing for PVP and Arena purposes.


  • Gives you more survivability and utility in arenas without having to respec
  • Still fairly viable in most "Main Tanking" situations


  • Requires slightly more defense and avoidance from gear (a little over 1%)
  • Slight threat decrease from the loss of Precision

0/38/23 - The Threat Rocket


Another high-threat build. This build picks up Sanctity Aura and Crusade from the Ret tree to give extra bonuses to damage dealt (and thus, threat). However, some sacrifices from the Prot tree are necessary.


  • Probably the highest sustained threat build
  • Improved Sanctity Aura gives benefit to a group when not tanking


  • Missing a lot of Prot talents, most notably Avenger's Shield
  • Less effective when Sanctity Aura is not an option

37/22/0 - The OT Healadin


This build is primarily a healing build, but gives up some deep Holy talents in favor of picking up some of the more important lower-tier Prot talents. It's not recommended for primary tanking duties, more for primary healers who are called on to off-tank at times, or tank the occasional 5-man.


  • Most of the Holy tree is left intact, leaving you a very effective healer.
  • Blessed Life helps reduce incoming damage
  • Holy Shock can be used either as a quick instant heal on yourself or a single-target threat ability


  • No Holy Shield leaves you open to Crushing Blows
  • Much lower overall threat gen


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