Monday, April 2, 2012

Think Tank, Guild Mergers, and Blatant Self-Promotion

My latest article is up on TorWars today. I’m looking at the changes to tanks coming in 1.2. Guardians look to be getting a pretty substantial buff and that makes me all kinds of happy.
Think Tank: Patch 1.2 and You
Greetings my fellow TORWarriors, and welcome to another exciting edition of Think Tank. This week, since all of the other columnists are thinking about it, I’m also thinking about Patch 1.2. If there is one constant in MMOs, it is change, and with 1.2 major changes are coming. This content update for Star Wars The Old Republic is huge, so I want…
In personal news, my guild has folded after we lost our healers. We have been absorbed into a larger guild and we are trying to find our way. These guys seem pretty cool, but they are more progression focused than my old guild and the vent chatter is more R than PG-13, but I can handle that. I’m having a much harder time adjusting to my limited playtime. I simply can’t give SWTOR the kind of hours I used to pump into WoW and it’s a very weird feeling. I’ve gone from being a progression raider to one of those guys who takes forever to reach the level cap and then instead of raiding, starts another alt. That just fits better in my schedule now. It’s just hard to readjust my thinking.

(blatant self promotion to follow)
I have been part of a writers group and we have just e-published a short story anthology. You can read more about it here: Saucy Chronicles 1: Unicorns Now Available.

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