Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Key Master

Last night, I logged into WoW for a bit. I started by farming up in Netherstorm for Aldor rep turins. I managed to get 2 Fel Armaments and 20+ Marks of Sargeras. I'm now only 2000 rep away from Revered with Aldor for the shoulder enchants and the Vindicator's Hauberek.

Next up I joined a Warlock buddy in farming up some Primal Water. I wanted to get the Khorium Ward set for my Arena set. If the patch goes in today, I'll be able to buy the Season 2 Gloves and the new epic Bracers. My Arena set will be looking much better.

While we were farming, we got an guild invite to go on Black Morass run to get some more people in our guild keyed. The group was me, a Rogue (not sure of his spec), Shadow Priest, Resto Druid, and Enhancement Shaman. I love having a Shadow Priest for that place. The first attempt did not go well. We started to get behind by Portal 4 or 5, and as Bacon always says, "Once you get behind in Black Morass, you've pretty much lost the instance." And we did.

Our rogue had to go, but we subbed in another Rogue (Combat), Lou from my arena team. This time we did better but we wiped on the 2nd boss. This one was completely on me. See, I have two to three sets of tanking gear that I carry around. I have a high spell damage set, a high stamina set and a high mitigation set. I had been wearing the spell damage set for the run so our dps could really open up and we could get the portals down fast. Well, I forgot to switch to my mitigation set for the second boss. His debuff got too high and we wiped.

We decided to make one more go of it. This time I remembered to change clothes for the second boss. As with my other runs, his debuff would get to 3 or 4 and then fall off. I never had to drop my beacon.

Both the Rogue and the Shadow Priest got keyed. We've got to be getting close to 20 keyed people in our guild.

And Aoenus (the last boss) was kind enough to drop the Paladin Dungeon 3 pants, and dropped a sweet healing trinket for Bacon (Resto Druid).

Finally, before the night was done, I found an 8 of Furies on the Auction House. I snapped that bad boy up. I now have the entire Furies Deck! Now I just have to wait for the Faire to come back and I'll get my sweet trinket.

All in all, a great night.


Jacob said...

Wish I could have run BM with ya! Glad you got all the mats you needed.

Bacon said...

You got the Fury set? How awesome is that!