Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Running the Vault

I had some time after Arena's so we put together a Steamvaults run to help a couple of guildies who needed the SteamVaults fragment of their Kara key. The run consisted of me (Prot Pally) tanking, Aleks (Arms Warrior), Sameth (Discipline Priest), Calexis (Shadow Priest), and Origami (Feral Druid). The run went incredibly quick and smooth. We only wiped once on the last boss because we didn't switch fast enough to the tanks and Origami couldn't find the back of the tank to use shred.

I really feel I'm starting to arrive as a tank in this run. In one of the 4 pulls Origami asked if he should offtank. The group felt it was better for him to stay cat as their Prot Pally could hold all 4 quite well. Then on the failed attempt on Warlord Kal, he got enraged by consuming 3 tanks. The group was very impressed that I survived as long as I did. I guess most tanks they have run with couldn't last past 1 or 2 enrages.

Of course Warlord Kal refuses to give up my Devilshark Cape or my Righteous Breastplate. This must have been the 5th or 6th time I've killed him, but still no cape or chest. I'm only about 4k rep from Revered. I guess its a good thing they drop on Heroic mode as well. Plus I can at least get my Strength of the Untamed necklace once I hit revered.

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