Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Touch.....of Destiny

A took a night off from playing WoW to go see my daughter's dance recital. She really loves dancing and the best present I could give her was my presence at her recital. She was awesome!

Found a little tidbit on WoWInsider from an interview they did with Nihilum, the current gold standard of raid guilds. They have gotten many of the World First Kills including the end boss of Burning Crusade, Illiadan Stormrage.

"Guilds that go with Protection Paladins and Moonkins will not do as well as the ones that bring an optimal raid setup. This is a fact." - Nihilum

That got me thinking about being a Tankadin. When I'm tanking a mob, holding threat, and mitigating damage like a madman, I feel just like my daughter does up on that stage.

I know some people who play WoW just love to see those big numbers fly up on the screen. For me, the coolest sound effect in the game is the block sound effect. I can't tell you how much fun it was fighting those Demon Hunter trainees in Shadowmoon Valley.

My thrill is seeing the poor mob or Hordie try to kill me only to get met with Dodge, Parry, Block, Block, Parry. I love watching my screen literally fill up with little yellow numbers as I AoE tank a pack of 10 non elites (not recommended unless you have a healer with you).

From the comments some people in Heroes have made to me, I know that they think I'm at least competent as a tank. I know how to gear myself and I'm skilled in using my abilities. A former member guild mate, who moved on, called me the best Tankadin on the server. To which I replied, 'I'm probably the ONLY Tankadin on the server, lol.'

I love being a Tank, and specifically a Tankadin. But I keep hearing that Paladins can't main tank much past Karazhan. So I decided to ask the fine folks at, especially the guys who have gone further end game than I have. The basic consensus, from people who know far better than I, is that Paladins CAN be tanks in all 25 man raid content.

The caveat is that a guild using Protection Paladins will progress slower than a guild using Protection Warrriors, but that the gap will be 1-3 weeks at most. Is that what Nihium meant by "not do as well as" guild's that use Tankadins?

I can live with that. Can my guild mates?

If I knew what I know now back when Honorshammer was cutting his keep on Troggs in Dun Morgh, I probably would have made him a Warrior, but I didn't. Back then, I thought a Tank was a military vehicle, Raid was something you used to kill bugs, and CC was something you put on an email so more people would get a copy.

I didn't know any better. I rolled a Paladin, and the thing I enjoy most in the game is Tanking with him. I don't know what will happen if or when Heroes is ready for 25 mans, I guess I'll have to wait and see along what path my destiny lies.

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