Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rough Night

I really have to choose my words carefully today, as I'm pretty down from my experiences in Karazhan last night.

From the signups it looked like we would have about 4 tanks online so I was fully prepared to sit out. It also looked like we would be short on healers, so I wasn't even sure if the run would go.

When Raid time rolled around, we had exactly 10 people, only 2 tanks (myself and a Warrior) and 2 healers. We ended up asking one of our Shadow Priests to heal for bosses. We had no melee DPS, and the raid had 3 Priests in it.

We barely killed Attumen. I've never come so close to wiping on him as I did last night. I figured after getting my Bracers of the Green Fortress made, that the Vambraces of Courage would drop, but they didn't.

I was not the Raid Leader for the night, and I probably stepped on the Raid Leaders toes a couple of times. I'm so used to running raids now, that I kind of slip into that mode without thinking about it.

The Raid Leader decided to try Maiden next. We cleared to her with little problem. As the only Paladin in the Raid, I switched to my Healing set so I could cleanse and heal. Our Warrior was going to be the tank.

We never got her down below 40%. A couple of wipes, the tank lost aggro to a healer or DPSer.

On two attempts, I couldn't heal her through the repentance. If the tank wasn't near full when repentance hit, the few seconds it took for Blessing of Sacrifice to knock me out of the Repentance would really knock the tank down. I spammed away at my big heals, but I couldn't keep the Main Tank up.

I have 871+healing in my healing gear, which is below Kara standards. I really haven't worked on my healing gear like I've worked on my Tanking gear. Plus, I was able to keep the tank up last time I did it. I figured I'd be able to keep the tank up again. I couldn't.

I'm realzing too that I would have asked the Main Tank to pass on the Maiden Gloves if they dropped and I would have been really upset if she didn't. The reason I would have asked is that the Maiden Gloves are better than my Teir 4 gloves, but not better than Warrior Tier 4. So she would replace them within two boss fights. I wouldn't replace the Maiden Gloves until Kael'thalas. I 'm really getting annoyed with the whole drop system. My progress as a tank is utterly stunted because that 1 in 6 chance of a tanking drop never happens, or if even if it does, I might not win the roll. Ugh.

I guess I'm just really disappointed. We went from one shotting all the bosses up to Curator to barely getting Attumen down and wiping on Maiden. This was our 7th Attumen kill. Unless I can get a spot in the Saturday group, and it has more success, it will be a while before I see Curator again.
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