Monday, July 23, 2007

So That's What Orgrimmar looks like

Last night Heroes tried something a little bit different. World PVP. We gathered up and attacked the Orc capital of Orgrimmar. It was really exciting being in a group over 20+ Heroes, riding through the Barrens, and charging into the very gates of the main Horde city.

Initially we met with little resistance, catching people unfortunate enough to still be flagged. We came in the western entrance and made our way down to where the mage and portal trainers were. We were apparently close to where the Horde ques for Battlegrounds because they started coming out to fight us. There was so much going on, I could barely see it all.

Eventually we were out numbered and wiped out. Several people spirit rezed but good ole Honorshammer pulled out the Bubble Hearth card.

After that, we paid a visit to Tarren Mill and killed some Horde there, and progressed up to Undercity. We went through the sewers and came up in the outer ring. We killed more Horde here and moved into the inner ring. I had alot of problems here with line of sight block my ability to heal. We eventually were wiped out again when outnumbered by the Horde.

It was a really fun night and very different than anything else I've done in WoW.

Earlier in the day, I had purchased the recipie for Bracers of the Green Fortress. I gave it to a guild blacksmith last night. As soon as he gets a nether, I'll have my new Bracers. Of course, this means that Attumen will drop the Vambraces of Courage on Wednesday for my group.
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