Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Back In Time

Last night was real trip down memory lane for my Paladin.

I was helping out some guildies who wanted to run Botanica for gear and rep.

The group was Me (Prot Paladin), Jenet (Prot Warrior), Krawl (DPS), Schmedlap (Hunter), and a PuG Shaman. 2 tanks, 3 dps. So I volenteered to put on my PVP gear and try to heal the instance.

Now, I haven't main healed in PVE since BC came out, so I was severly out of practice. We manage to move through the first part of instance. Jenet had just gotten Gromtor's Charge, which is a sweet, sweet tanking axe, and needed to level up her Axe skill. It was such an upgrade over the current sword she was using, I advised her to keep using the axe to skill up. We ended up wiping to a bad pull before the 1st boss. Then wiped again when someone pulled the boss while we were clearing the last trash pulls.

We regroup and went at it again. This time getting the boss to drop. He dropped a Libram of Lightbringer. The point of the run was to get OTHER people gear, not me. Feeling a bit awkward, I looted it.

We move on the second boss. We had all kinds of trouble on him. Much of party was taking damage and without the Holy talents, my mana pool just couldn't keep up. After a couple of attempts, the PuG shaman left and we snagged Calexis, a Holy Priest.

I went on add duty and had no trouble rounding up the adds for Krawl to AoE down. The boss drops, and the loot is Aegis of the Sunbird! I was so happy for Jenet. That is the very shield I've used in all our Kara runs.

Calexis had to go at this point, but Jagdelf was on. He's a Beast Mastery Hunter and a very good player.

I don't know what happened, but the run changed after that point. Everything seemed to be much easier. We one shot the final three bosses.

By the way, I still don't like healing. I didn't mind doing it to help my guildies, but I am not going to make a habit of it. Maybe I really should roll a Warrior, lol. Oh yeah, that stupid plant Laj refused to part with my Righteous Shoulders. I am begining to develop something of a dislike for him.

However, Jenet got an awesome new shield. Schmedlap got revered with Sha'tar for the rep rewards, and his Heroic key. Krawl got a nice new trinket as well.

I spent some time talking with Jenet about gear and enchants. The good news is that she is loaded (already has her epic flyer /jealous), so getting some upgrades won't be hard. I supplied her with a mess of Solid Azure Moonstones to put into her gear.

I think the next time she faces down a Boss in Kara she will do much better. It's kind of ironic that I'm basically helping to gear up another tank, and a Warrior at that. Someone who could very well take my precious raid spot.

But there are real people behind those pixels on my computer screen. The very people I've been called to serve, and to build relationships with. The very people who may turn to me in a time of confusion and need, where I can offer then the One True Hope we have in this world.

I look forward to the day when Jenet and I are standing shoulder to shoulder taking the double Steward pulls leading up to Moroes, or the double Usher pulls leading up to Opera. When we are double tanking Moroes, with him ping ponging between us as we each get gouged. Double tanking Romeo and Juliette, with her Shield Slamming every one of Juliette's heals while my Improved Holy Shield is holding strong against Romeo's Daring.

Me giving her Kings, and Devo aura while she keeps up Thunderclap and Demo Shout on the boss. Rolling off with her for those precious purples and giving her a "gratz" every time she out rolls me.

In short, I look forward to being her teammate, not her rival.


Bacon said...

You are a great player Honors and great guildmate. Thanks for helping my friends. BTW, your healing secret is safe with me.

Bentagon said...

In Bot (Normal and Heroic) the 2nd and 3rd bosses are hardest, imo. The 2nd boss can be especially hard if you tank her straight up as her tranquility heals her up and can make for a long fight.
The best technique (which we use in Heroic) is to tank her at the end of the bridge (near side, where you're running through) and then when she summons those little shooters (not the non-elite colored ones) to LoS pull them around the corner and DPS them down FAST. This reduces the amount of time she is in Tranq and heals herself.
Now tbh, I can't remember if she does this in normal as the last 3 times I ran Bot it was in heroic.
So, depending on how you guys tried to take her down, I wouldn't be surprised if you had a hard time and ran out of mana so don't blame yourself. :)

The 3rd boss can be very hard depending on how many melee you had. Since by the time you got to him the only melee you had was the tank (with you healing), I can imagine this being a much easier boss than the 2nd boss. Then Laj and Warp Spliter are chumps. :)

I'm glad you guys were able to finish it though and get good loot to boot! Don't be too hard on yourself - there's only so much you can do when filling a role you aren't specced for!