Monday, August 20, 2007

One Track Mind

This was quite a weekend. It started out on Friday night. I was bound and determined to get Exalted with Sha'tar. Very few people were on Friday night so I tried to PuG it.

I got a group for Normal Botanica that was Me, a Warrior, two Druids (one healing, one DPS), and I think a Hunter.

The instance starts out pretty well, I can tell the group is well geared. I mistakenly pull two groups and we get 5 mobs. I'm a Tankadin, no problem. I hold all 5 and down they go.

Then we get to the Hunter mobs with the birds. These mobs if not crowd controlled will issue a kill command on a random target. All the birds attack that target. Well, they called out our Warrior, so I BoP. It helps, but he clicks it off so he can DPS and dies. Then the Healer Druid dies, but we get the mobs down, and I rez everyone up.

The Druid proceeds to yell at me for not holding aggro and the Warrior for not tanking. I try to explain the mobs behavior but the Druid didn't believe me.

I remind him about holding the 5 pull earlier. He's convinced a good Warrior or Feral Druid could do the same. I honestly don't know, but I doubt he's ever seen it.

So we move on the 1st boss. He summons adds when he gets low. The adds got on me and destroyed me. We wipe. I realized later that I had a debuff on me that makes me take more damage.

Well, Mr. Druid had seen enough. I'm sure he's never ever wiped with a Warrior or Druid tank. Hearthstone away.

What stunned me was the the Warrior. He was supporting me and my arguments the whole night. He never once taunted off of me, but would taunt off someone else and pull the mob back to me. He was amazing. The Druid (a fellow Hybrid after all) was the one who was all over my case.

It's guys like that Druid that make me want to PuG constantly and show the entire server what I can do, and give up and level up my Warrior to 70, all at the same time.

So Warrior gets a Holy Paladin from his guild. I recognize his name, StunPilot, because he's always spamming trade chat to cut gems.

These guys start pulling whether I'm ready or not. Being in a PuG, I was little slow and hesitant.

I didn't complain, I didn't say a word. I picked up the mobs, banged Mana pots, drank as fast as I could.

We cleared the whole place with very little problem. I learned a lot that night. They pushed me beyond what I thought I could do and made me better. I really appreciate it now, though I didn't at the time.

After the run I was about 800 rep short. I manage to get a couple of Heroes to come help me. Calexis (Holy Priest), Wichita (Elemental Shaman), Jenet (Arms Warrior), and Krawl (Fire Mage).

We did the instance again, but only up to the first boss. It was enough rep to get me Exalted and I rushed off to buy my Crest of the Sha'tar.
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