Monday, August 6, 2007

Plant Extract

Friday night, I got into a group running Botanica. I've been working on Sha'tar rep to try to get to Exalted, and I'm still a long long ways away.

The group was Me (Prot Paladin), Beilin (Prot Warrior), Ferth (Fury Warrior), Schmedlap (MM Hunter), and Mathman (Holy Priest from another guild, and a friend of Beilin's)

This group was a bit low on DPS. Beilin and I are built to be damage sponges, not damage dealers. First boss went down pretty easy. Two Intimidating Shouts and a trap took care of the adds. Beilin got some nice DPS boots. 2nd was a little more difficult, but we put Schmed on adds and we able to DPS him down. Ferth was hoping the Aegis of the Sunbrid would drop. I already had it and Beilin has the Crest of the Sha'tar (/jealous), so he would have been the only one to want it.

We skipping the 3rd boss after a couple of unsuccessful attempts. He's just really unfriendly to melee dps.

Then we get to Laj, the current bane of my WoW existence. Beilin showed us a new strategy to minimize the number of adds you deal with. It took a little longer but we got him down in one try. He finally dropped my Shoulders (Spaulders of the Righteous).


That gives me 4/5 Righteous Armor. I only need the gloves from the first boss of Shattered Halls to complete the set.

While I'm really excited about getting the Shoulders, it is kind of bitter sweet in a way. The only upgrades left for me a 50 badge helm and the Sha'tar Exalted Shield. Every other upgrade is in Kara or beyond.

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