Thursday, August 2, 2007

Scene of the Crime

Last night I decided to take a break from Outland and run run my alt Warrior, Rabbitslayer. He's level 25 now and doing okay. Either I am totally clueless on how to play a Warrior, or Warriors die alot in solo PVE. Well, at least my Warrior does.

He has gotten some new skills which are really cool. Cleave, which helps when I've got two mobs on me. Intimidating Shout. I've never had a character who could fear. That's kind of cool.

But my personal favorite is Execute. Basically, Execute is a like the mob only have 80% of his hit points. He gets down to 20% and BAM! Execute! Loot. Fun was had.

One story about last night. I was questing in the Stone Talon Mountains with a level 22 Warlock. He gets jumped by a level 20 something Troll Hunter with a Bear pet. Who uses a Bear in solo PVE?

Anyway the lock goes down, and I charge, and hamstring. The Hunter uses Aspect of the Cheetah. WTF? I rend, and smack him a couple of times, ignorning the Bear. I don't care if he's growling. Then the Hunter goes Aspect of the Monkey, but its too late. EXECUTE! Honorable Kill.

Like my Hunter, it seems I'll be able to take a more aggressive approach to PVP with a Warrior.

About this time, our resident Affliction Lock, Regolos, was putting together a group for a scenic tour of ZG. I really didn't want to go at first, but a couple of people had never seen the zones or the fights, so I aquiesed.

ZG was one of the instances that I ran during my hardcore "raiding" days back when the level cap was 60. It was where I started to hate my Paladin. I had to spec Holy to get into a guild. Back then, Prot was laughable and Ret while good, wasn't good enough. Much like today only Ret and Prot have switched positions.

I was running a bit short on time, so I could only stay for the Bat boss.

Regolos seemed to be having a grand time. I'm glad he enjoyed it. I'm glad some people in my guild got to see an instance they hadn't been in before. But it wasn't the same as when we ran it as 60s. There was little danger or threat to anything in there. We had 5 people for trash, and 7 for the boss. 7 manning ZG. They didn't "experience" the instance, they saw the models, and the textures, but it wasn't the same.

Some people think I'm rushing the endgame. Maybe I am. Blizzcon is coming up, and rumors of the next expansion abound. Once the new loot is leaked, Raiding will take a nose dive, just like it did when the Burning Crusade quest rewards were leaked. Whatever we haven't done at that point, I won't get to do in all likelyhood. I've heard people say that best instance in the game was Naxxrammas. I never got near the place. Sure, I could go back now, but it wouldn't be the same. I don't want that to happen with Black Temple or Hyjal, but I'm also not willing to go back to healing to do it.
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