Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Why a Tankadin

From Mahale on the MainTankadin Boards:

"someone asked 'why would you want to be a pally tank why not just role warrior and tank like your suppose to' to which I answered.

As a pally tank I can do other things and I have more "tricks". Honestly its like choosing between Superman/Wolverine/Batman.

Superman=warrior because they are damn near invulnerable can do crazy damage and everyone loves them.

Druid=Wolverine because again damn near invulnerable and can do crazy damage plus heal themselves (feral rage and hots and what not). They tank through sheer ferocity.

Paladins though shouldn't be able to tank. They shouldn't be able to do the things they do as the cards are so stacked against them. Yet they strap on the body armor night after night stock up their utility belt full of blessings, ranged taunts, throwing stars (shields as the case may be), and go out there and do the same job that Wolverine and Supes do but with an amazingly harder time to do it.

Plus Paladin tanks have to plan out a lot more in terms of their gear to reach uncrushable much like Batman has a plan for everything. "

Now I've always thought of Tankadins more like Captain America because of the Shield Toss, but Batman works to.
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