Thursday, September 20, 2007

5 Bosses with the new Guild

Dateline Karazhan.

Mal Katai sends 10 brave adventures into the depths of Kara. It was me (Prot Paladin), Raydz (Prot Warrior), Helios (Resto Shaman), Serachoix (Holy Paladin), Maxpayne playing his Priest alt, Faceeraser (Fire Mage), Stdbaker (BM Hunter), Bladedancer (Rogue), Haust (Boomkin), and Snowson (Feral Druid).

We cleared Attumen and Moroes. Moroes dropped his Pocket watch. While its a nice trinket, it's not very high on my list so I didn't roll against Raydz when he expressed an interest in it. Moroes also dropped some Paladin healing boots which I picked up since the Holy Paladin already had them.

After Moroes, Max had to go so we grabbed a PuG Shaman named Bigwood. Double Totem fun!

We cleared our way to Maiden and I switched into my Healing gear. We had someone DC during the fight and couldn't 9 man her. We wiped at 15%. We rezzed up and got back into position, and killed her the second time with no issue.

Next up was Opera, and doing the Skeletal Usher pulls without a shackle. There are 2 pulls of 2 and a single pull of 1 that you need to complete. The trick to these mobs is that around 50% life they ice tomb their tank. This can be eaten by a grounding totem or even resisted. When they Ice Tomb, it's an aggro reduction on tank. It's not a full aggro wipe, but it might as well be. Even if you ground or resist the Ice Tomb, the aggro reduction still happens.

The plan was to put Raydz and Snowson on each mob and I would try to build threat on both. I was not able to get 2nd aggro on either and we wiped. Next attempt, I opened with an Avengers Shield, which hit both mobs. I laid down a Consecrate and sealed up Vengence. I'd get a stack working on one mob, then switch to the other. The one thing I didn't do that I should have was pop the Wings. We were able to defeat the mobs the 2nd time by keeping them going from tank to tank.

We went on to Opera and got Romeo and Juliet. We actually killed Juliet too quickly and were within seconds of her getting rezzed when Romeo went down. That was a bit too close. Romeo dropped the Eternium Greathelm, which I already had, so it went to Raydz*.

*Senior moment: Raydz did not in fact get the Greathelm, it went to Seraphcroix for his "tanking" set.
On to the Curator we went. I still hate his trash, probably always will. I was given the choice of role on this fight, and I chose to Main Tank it. The DPS really did a great job during the Evocations. I got a Judgement of Vengence for 2500 or so. The token was won by Snowson.

It was a good night. I was actually asked to lead the Raid which I was totally comfortable with from my time with Heroes. After the run, I received several complements on the run from people so I think I gave a good accounting of myself for the new guild.

I'm really looking forward to when we do Gruul's but I'm not sure when that's going to be.


Raydz said...

"Romeo dropped the Eternium Greathelm, which I already had, so it went to Raydz."

LIES! we de'd the helm i think.
i have my tier 4 atm

Raydz said...

Oh and btw, you did great tanking and running the raid =)