Thursday, September 6, 2007

Coming to Grips with Casual

I'm starting to have to come to grips with my "casualness".

Over the summer, I got pretty caught up into WoW and Honorshammer. There was the whole keying craziness, then the gearing up to "Kara ready" obsession. Next up, it was hitting 11k hitpoints, then 12k hitpoints. Then it became a search for every last gear upgrade until I could say I honestly had the best gear I could get pre-Kara.

Finally, there was the push to Kara and tanking every boss in there.
Attumen? Tanked, even once tanking both Midnight and Attumen at the same time.
Moroes? Tanked.
Maiden? Tanked.
Opera? Big Bad Wolf, Romeo, and Tinman Tanked.
Illhoof? Tanked, but not defeated.
Aran? Haven't tried him.
Netherspite? Haven't tried him.
Chess? No tank needed there.
Prince? Tanked, but not defeated.

I have loved every minute of it. Tanking is a blast and we have such a great group of people in Heroes Inc.

We have the first half of Kara on Farm. Thoughts turn to what's next. Gruul's Lair beckons.

I want to do every instance in the game, I really do, but I have to realize that I am never going to see Black Temple, or Mount Hyjal. I'll be lucky to see SSC before the next expansion.

Could I leave Heroes and apply to a 25 man guild and start working my way through the end game. Perhaps. But I was looking over some of those guilds. Even assuming I could find one crazy enough to try a Paladin tank, it seems as if Raiding on that level is going to require a dedication of time and energy that I just can't give.

That level of dedication belongs to my wife and my daughter now. I was actually mad at her at first for inviting friends over on Saturday night. I had a raid scheduled on Saturday night, how could she? I guess that's when it kind of started to dawn on me that maybe I've gotten a little over my head with Raiding.

So this week, I've kind of been taking a bit of a break from WoW. I didn't even log in last night, and I don't plan on logging in tonight. Last night, I spent watching TV with my wife. Tonight, we will curl up on the couch and watch some football.

I want to continue to progress, to get to new bosses and new content, but I have to come to grips with my own "casualness". I don't know how much of Burning Crusade I'll finish before Lich King is out. Even if we don't do 25 mans, Zul'Aman is coming, so there will still be new stuff to do, new encounters to learn, new bosses to tank.

So I guess this week, I am taking the opportunity to kind of take a deep breath, and relax a little bit. You know maybe Regolos has got it right. I know he dedicates two nights a week to his Wife. That's an awesome idea.


Krawl said...

The game is like a drug. I'm glad to see you find your priorities before it was "too late". It's always important to remember those and that is what makes Heroes Inc so great. Now, you just need to get your wife playing the game so your together time can be spent playing the game :D

Origami said...

A WoW loading screen tip:
"Take all things in moderation, even World of Warcraft".
Even Blizzard admits WoW can be too addictive. :)

I've got 2 nights set aside with my wife but I will take more than that some times. I also only want to do one kara night next week because I was on WoW too much this week.