Monday, October 22, 2007

ALTernate Reality

I've added a Poll to ask "Which Alt should I level up".

The goal for this alt is to be first and foremost a DPS character. I've done healing and tanking with Honorshammer (main, Paladin), now I'd like a DPS character. I do not like being a "clothie", and the whole Demon pet Warlock thing just freaks me out.

My options are:

Raijin, the Shaman. He's pretty cool. The Totems are bit annoying in that you have to wait to make sure they don't aggro anything after you drop them. Making a DPS Shaman is another "offspec" so I could run into some of the same issues I run into with Hammer. I'd also have to battle a bit for him to be true DPS and not a healer, although I may find that what I didn't like was the way Paladin's healed, not the whole Healer thing.

Hummer, the Hunter. He's a lot of fun, but the problem is my current guild seems to have dozens of Hunters. I helped Lumi's alt Hunter get through Durnholde and our other DPSer was a Hunter, too.

Rabbit, the Warrior. He's fun too, lol. My concern on him is range dps seems to be better than melee dps, and I already have a "tank" character with Honors.

Claw, the Druid. Druids are fun because they are so versatall. It's like playing a Rogue, a Warrior, and Priest. The long cooldown on their Rez is really annoying, and Cat Druids are again melee DPS.

Warlocks just freak me out with the whole pet Demon thing. With apologies to Rego, Sam and Max, but you guys are scary.

I tried out a Rogue, but I didn't enjoy him. Mages and Priests are too squishy.
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