Monday, October 29, 2007

Full Weekend Part 2: Karazhan

Saturday night we did not raid. I don't know what happened, but I know a couple of people were vocally upset in guild chat.

With no Gruul, my Kara group formed up and went in to take on the Library and Shade of Aran.

It took us two attempt to get Shade down, but we got him. We had about half the raid dead. I was in healing as usual for the fight.

After Shade, we worked our way up to Chess. I got to play the Water Elemental. A King's Defender dropped. Our DPS Warrior was very excited about it, but he was out rolled by a Holy Paladin. I should have said something sooner, but I just assumed it would go to the Arms Warrior and was getting ready for the next bit of trash.

I whispered the Arms Warrior and the Holy Paladin to talk things over. It turns out it was a misunderstanding. The Paladin thought the Warrior had better so didn't mind rolling. The Warrior didn't see the Paladin roll, and assumed it was his.

Minor crisis avoided I think.

We made several attempts at Prince but were not able to down him.

We came back the next night. MissDime had a similar connection issue to the one she ran into in Gruul's, so we ended up trying to 9 man him. We actually got him down to 23% before we lost all the DPS. I do decent DPS as a tank, but it wasn't going to take Prince down anytime soon.

We regroup and get ready to go again. The fight gets going I see one of our DPS Warriors, Devona, move to the front of Prince right beside me. All I'm thinking at this point is that Devona's attacks are going to be Parried, speed up Prince's swing timer and get me one shot. So I yelled into vent for him to get behind the mob. He did and got owned by an infernal.

Okay, I should not have yelled. It was late, and likely our last attempt. That doesn't excuse what I did.

We ended up with a kill on that attempt.

The Paladin, Rogue token dropped. We only had 3 Paladins, and 2 Rogues in the raid. I lost the roll to one of the Rogues. I was disappointed but I'm sure Hearth is happy to have his Teir 4. I felt a little of the disappointment fade away when he revealed that the Helm will complete his 2 piece set bonus.

As soon as the loots were taken care of, I sought out Dev to apologize. He was not real happy with me (can't blame him). Apparently, I've been doing some things to really annoy him when he plays his Holy Paladin, Cellestia. Biggest complaint is calling for heals. Honestly, I didn't even realize I was doing it. I'm not exactly sure how we left it. I told him I wouldn't do it again. That's basically all I can do at this point.

So now I've got 2 guild healers who are less than completely happy with me. Joy!

That leaves only Nightbane and Netherspite left alive in our Kara.

Between repairs and reagents and dailies, my money supply hasn't moved much. I'm still sitting around 2500g toward my epic riding skill.

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