Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's In the Bag

So Galo over at Ardent Defender had a post about what he keeps in his bag. I looked at it and my immediate thought was "Wow, he has soooooo much free space." So I thought I'd post a picture of what my bags look like. I was headed into Gruul's at the time.
The first couple of spots are taken up by Hearthstone, my Dense Stone Statues, my Panda Collar, my Mining pic, my Griffon, and my Symbols of Divinity, which are the reagent for Divine Intervention.
Roughly 48 spots are taken up by equipment. In this screenshot I'm wearing my Heroic (Stamina) set as I thought that would be a good idea for the adds in Gruul's Lair (this turned out to be a VERY bad idea, but more on that in another post). What's left in the bag are my Uncrushable set, my 5 man set, my PVE Healer set and my PVP Healer set.
About 20 spots are taken up by consumables. Elxir of Mastery, Flask of Fortification, Wizard Oil, Mana Oil, Elixir of Defense, Adept's Elixir, Elixir of Major Fortitude, Ironshield Pots, Mana Pots, Health Pots, Food and drink.
So you are probably thinking that I must have much more space when I'm just out questing, and you'd be partially correct. All the equipment stays. I'm not a mage so I can't port right to a bank if I get called to an instance. I like to be ready to go at all times.
I can't put all my consumables back in the bank because my bank is pretty full as well. I keep a lot of nostalgia items. These are things like my Soulforge Gauntlets, my Zandalar Freethinker's Bracers and my Verigan's Fist. I also keep things like Jordan's Weapon's Notes, and For The Light which is a book on the exploits of the greatest Paladin to take up the light, Uther the Lightbringer. I've also kept the Singed Page from my first fight with Prince, and my Gnomish Death Ray as a reminder of my days as an Engineer.
I've got a couple of non Combat Pets. The one in my bag is my favorite. I've also got Speedy, and Eggbert.
My bank is also full of Enchanting mats. Large Prismatic Shards, Arcane Dust, Greater Planar Essences. When I get a new piece of equipment I'm ready to get it enchanted almost immediately.
Then there are all the Gems I've got left over from leveling Jewelcrafting which I really need to cut and put up on the Auction House. I've also got all my Motes and Primals that I've been saving for Enchants and Resist gear.
But what really takes up my bank space is equipment. I've got an entire Retribution starter kit in there as well as almost every piece of blue tanking equipment that is not in my current rotation. Dabiri's Enimga, Nexus Guard Pauldrons, Dauntless Handguards, Burnoose of Shifting Ages, Felsteel Helm, Felsteel Gloves, etc. I guess I could get rid of the Felsteel stuff and just have it recrafted if I ever needed it again.
So my bags are pretty full and my bank is pretty full. As you can see from the screenshot I'm at nearly 1600g on my way to my epic mount. I know I just need to go farm, mine and quest and I can get there fast enough, but lately all my time has been spent in Kara, Heroics and now Gruul's. Lest you think otherwise, let me say that this is a Good Thing(tm). My epic will come in time thought I'd really like to get going on the Netherwing Quests as they sound like fun.

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Galoheart said...

Had read this at work. Thats one heck of a lot of a lot of gear you carry around all the time. You really do need 30 slot bags!

Those Iron Shield Potions do sell like hot cakes too.