Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Spec Quest

Patch 2.3 brings in 3 new talents for Paladins that look very attractive.

I consider this a "must have" talent, not so much for the Expertise (which is nice), but for the 10% Stamina.

This is a really nice talent. More crit would be more DPS and bosses dying faster.
And finally, we have:

This is basically like have a 3% chance to Dodge a spell.
My current build is a standard 0/49/12. These talents represent 11 new points. I don't feel like I had much fluff or nonessential talents in my 2.2 build.
The first choice is rather simple. Goodbye Reckoning, Hello Combat Expertise!
After that it gets much more complicated. For the moment, I'm going to decide to forgo Pursuit of Justice. 3% is a very low percentage and it's essentially a proc and therefore unreliable. I'd probably have the boss miss me when I'm at full health and not miss when I'm at 5% and need about a half second more before the big heal lands.
Improved Crusader is the rub.
I could try to cherry pick the points, and go 4/5 in some talents to still get the benefit of those talents, just not the full benefit. For instance, go 1/2 Spell Warding, 2/3 Precision, and 4/5 Anticipation.
I could try dropping Precision, or drop Spell Warding and going 2/3 Improved Crusader for a 2% Crit boost instead of 3.
The last option would be not getting Improved Crusader. Will 2 or 3% be noticeable to the raid? If a DPSer has a 20% crit rating, he's not going to know if he crit because of my buff or his own gear.
I need to go ahead and respec for Combat Expertise. So what I'm thinking trying first is taking 1 point from Spell Warding, 1 point of Precision, and 1 point of Anticipation, to get the full Improved Crusader. I will try it out Thursday in Tempest Keep on our Void Reaver attempts.
I'm probably going to pull a "Rob" here and take several attempts to get it right.
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