Monday, November 12, 2007

The Weekend

This weekend was something of a blur.

Friday night, we headed back to Gruul's Lair. High King went down after 3 tries. I think we've had different Kiggler tanks each time I've gone. I really feel like I'm getting my job on Blindeye down really well. My healer can basically throw me a couple of HoTs and then get on to healing other tanks. I know exactly what I'm doing, where I'm pulling him to, when to call for DPS, etc.
The one thing I wish I had was a single target pull so I could free up a Misdirect for Brindall or Lanorah. More people in our guild got their T4 Shoulders. This is a good thing!

We tried Gruul. We made several good attempts but I feel like our DPS was lacking. In our Gruul kill, he was chilling out with the Spirit Healer moments after he hit Growth 12. Our best attempt ended when our tanks died at Growth 16.

Afterwords, someone commented that they thought Tralic was offtanking for the kill. This was probably in response to my statement in Vent that the DPS may have been an issue citing the number of Growths. He may have thought I was blaming DPS (which in a way I was), and wanted to deflect some of the blame onto me (the offtank). The other possibility is that he has an issue with Paladin Tanks. If he does, I hope he takes it up with the Officers. I'd much rather someone tell me to my virtual face they've got a problem with me than just hide it.

I don't know voices in Vent, so I have no idea who said it. He was quickly corrected though. It was cool to see my friends stand up for me. I can always cite the video if anyone doubts.

A Kara group was trying to form up Saturday but it never happened. I decided to take a break from the insane Engineering mat farming I've been doing and play my Hunter. The Hunter is a really fun class to play, and it's a nice change of pace from my Paladin. I kill things pretty quickly and I go from "Hey, there's a Horde over there, I'm probably going to die" to "Hey, there's a Horde over there, do I feel like killing him?" I'm going to make him a miner to help make up for the lack of mining on Honorshammer.

I hit 48 with him and got to use Hurricane, which Wichita had been nice enough to gift me.

I don't know what it is, but I seem to meet the nicest people in WoW, both in Heroes and in Mal Katai. People who give without any thought of getting anything in return. I really need to do something nice for these guys.

Sunday we did get the Kara group together. We didn't have a Prot Warrior, nor a Priest so no Nightbane. We made several attempts at Shade but couldn't get him down. We lacked a Priest for the trash run to Chess so we just ended up calling the Raid. It'll probably be a week or two before we do Kara again because I imagine Zul'Aman will the instance everyone (including me) wants to run.

The only item I'd really like to get from Kara is Moroes Pocketwatch. I'm sure sometime next week I can find a group to take 30 minutes to run to kill him. I love AoEing the trash pulls to him, and the AoEers (Locks, Mages, etc) seem to like it as well. Of course there are other items I could use from Kara, but there are replacments for them elsewhere (Badges, Zul'Aman, etc). There is nothing than can compare to that trinket.

Since Kara was a bust, I put together a Heroic run. We talked a bit about where we would go because Phorious (Hunter) was not keyed for Sha'tar.

We ended up doing Slave Pens. The group was me, Rob, Trey, Dottie, and Phorius (sorry, I don't know his real name).

I was able to turn in my quest and get "keyed" for SSC. Of course, they've removed the Attument requirement, but still it was good to get that done. I picked up 3 more Badges to bring my total to 78. I also hit Exalted with Cenarion Expedition. So now I'm Exalted with them and Sha'tar. I just need to grind up my Aldor rep and I'll be able to buy the Shattrath city Flasks for SSC and TK. I need about 12k rep.

Last note of the weekend is that I've started by Engineering grind. Through the efforts of some very generous people (see what I mean?), I've got all the mats I need save a little Thorium. I'm really tired of riding or flying around zones looking for veins. I'll probably regret not having a gathering skill when I'm leveling to 80, but I'm glad to be an Engineer again. It's a profession that kind of fits me as a player. With the leveling improvements in 2.3, my Hunter won't be too far behind so he can mine and skin for me.

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Galoheart said...

If i'm correct i think if you completed the attunement quest for either SSC or Tempest Keep thugh not required your able to get the title of "Champion of the Narru".

My little Hunter thats been on deep freeze is a Miner/Skinner. I'm thinking of pulling the dust off of him so i can start mining to fund my new quest to get my Epic Flying Mount.