Friday, December 14, 2007

Mag > Mal Katai

With Gruul good and all (not just mostly dead, thank you), we headed over to Hellfire Peninsula and Magtheridon's Lair.

The group was switched up a little bit from our Gruul kill. We only had two Warlocks available, and only 2 Rogues.

We cleared the trash groups. I had a little trouble with my mob on a couple of the pulls. What would happen was Brindall would pull and I'd run and grab my mob. I'd land no more than a Judgement of Righteousness when I'd get Death Coiled and start running around feared. I'd come out, Seal up, and before I could even Judge, I'd be Death Coiled again.

Running around feared is not the best way to build solid aggro on a mob.

By this point, the Mob would run towards one of our healers. I know I got Doraelian killed at least once. They really need to makes squishies less, well.... less squishy.

All the trash packs were dealt with and we were standing there with Mag's rather large presence over us.

I standby awaiting my assignment. In our first attempts I was on Warlock #4. I was a bit surprised when Brindall assigned me to Warlock#1 because he wanted me to PICK UP MAG when he released. I was going to Main Tank Mag. /chindrop /doalittledance

The conversation in vent was interesting:

Random Person: "So Drew (Brindall, guild MT) has been demoted?"
Brindall: "No, it's just that Mag hits really hard and Honors has a (&^ton of health."

Mark one up for the ole EH gang!

So here we go. Paladin Tank versus Demon with a Rather Large Derriere.
First off, major props go to Raydz, one of the other tanks in the raid. In the screenshot, Mag has only been active for a few seconds but he's already got Demo Shout AND Thunderclap up for me AND Commanding Shout is up as well. Good job, buddy!!
We made 3 attempts at Mag. You can see them in all their WWS glory here.
The first week, we didn't get more than 3 Warlocks down. I know this because I was on Warlock#4, and he didn't die.
This week we got all the Warlock killed. Now we just have to get the whole cube clicking thing down, and keeping people alive while the Infernals are running around.
This was an area where I think I was able to really help. Once Warlock#1 was down, I went and parked myself over in the forest (near our 3 Resto Druids). I'd aggro anything that got near them until a Warlock could fear or banish it.
Then when Mag was about to spawn, I'd drop a Consecrate right under his Rather Large Derriere. He would aggro to me, and with a quick Exorcism, I was in business.
This was the first time I've used my Dawnstone Crab proactively. Usually, I save it for when I need a quick burst of avoidance. For this fight, I popped that baby every time the cool down was up.
We've still got to work out the best place to tank him. We tried a couple of different spots but I'm not sure we're sold on any of them yet.
I was a great experience to be able to Main Tank Mag even if we didn't kill him. I don't have a clue how I'm going to survive the 30% Cave In, but I'll worry about that when we get there.
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