Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Messy Night

So last night was supposed to be our "farm" night. One shot HKM and Gruul and maybe go try to get a trash drop in SSC.

"The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry."
I have been moved up from Priest tank to Warlock tank. A Feral in full DPS gear is tanking the Priest now.

First attempt Olm feared Raydz and I into Krosh's AoE. Ouch. We quickly reset him.

The next two attempts were fouled up by the Warlocks not getting the Fel Hunters under control fast enough for them not to eat our healers. Then Olm would kill our healerless Warlock tanks.

"I'm sorry, sir. The Fel Hunter ate my Healer."

Fourth attempt and we kill him.

On to Gruul. I'm offtanking again. I've really gotten a good feel for this role in the fight.

We had something very strange happen during our attempt. Despite Omen showing me in 2nd place on the aggro chart, I pulled. Lan couldn't get him back for anything. I asked in vent if I should bubble. He thought about it and said I should.

This made Gruul ignore me for 12 seconds and let Lan get aggro back.

Our main problem was new people dying to Shatter.

I did manage to hit a new HP record last night. (I'm not even 'Well Fed')
I really don't understand how you can go from one shotting Gruul's Lair (which we did the last two weeks) to a wipefest.
We have Mag and Gruul on Thursday, here's hoping for better things.

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