Monday, January 21, 2008

Boss: Hydross, Status: Farm

My Internet connection decided to behave Friday night, and I was able to go raiding. I logged on around start time to discover we didn't have enough people online to get the group together. We waited for guys to log on to the game. It took a little over an hour but we finally got to 25 people with the right mix of Healers, Tanks and DPS.

We had a new guy in our raid, a Resto Shaman. This is unusual for my guild because we don't have many Shamans of any flavor that raid with us. Almost all our Shamans are alts of other players in the guild.

This Shaman was a "little" undergeared, or at least that what some who inspected him say. I think we as players are a little quick to judge someone based entirely on the color of the pixels on their gear. There are some really fine green and blue items in the game. Well despite this guy being "undergeared", he did a fantastic job.

We went into SSC looking at his Dukeness, Hydross. I used my invisiblity potion and crep up to the his platform. We began the dance of moving him in and out of his forms. The attempt was going well, and we were well ahead of the enrage timer.

Then near the end of the Frost phase, I died. I'm not sure exactly how at this point. We were around Mark#4, so the debuff was high but not anything we couldn't have dealt with.

We executed a quick phase shift, banish and feared the adds and threw everything we had at Hydross. There was no chance for another phase change, it was now or never.

Our DPS did a great job of pouring it on Hydross and we were able to finish him off.

We rezzed our dead and checked out the loots.

Hydross dropped a Scarab of Displacement. That's a massive amount of Defense on one item. So I decide to throw in my MKP (what we call DKP). One of the offtanks also throws in MKP for the item. Under our system, you have to be MKP cap to bid and you have to bid all your MKP. (It takes roughly 5 raids to reach the cap). The winner of the roll loses all his MKP, the loser of the roll plots his revenge, and remains capped.

I am a notoriously bad roller on these kind of things (see my roll on the Amain Punisher), and the offtank I was up against is known for his uncanny good luck.

86! Okay, I've at least given myself a chance. The offtanks roll couldn't beat it so know I am the proud owner of the trinket and my first piece of T5 loot.

Can I get a...... Woot!!

I thought so.

The irony of the Scarab is that it's best use is probably for Hydross himself, the very boss you have to beat to get it. My resist gear is very lacking in defense. In fact, I need the resilience from my Season 2 Gavel to stay uncrittable. The trinket allows for more flexibility in my resist gear, and also helps out if I want more Badge gear which seems to lack defense on whole.

With Hydross down quickly, we moved onto the Big Fish, Lurker Below.

Luker is easier than Hydross, and we just one shot Hydross, so Lurker is going down easy right?

*que Price is Right, you just lost music*

We make 1 attempt on Lurker, and then we begin the "I've got to go" chorus. We get replacements, run out, summon, and try to get back at it.

The raid seemed to lose momentum somewhere at that point. We made about 4 or 5 attempts at Lurker. Our main problem, as far as I could see, was during the Submerge phase. We just couldn't seem to get the adds under control and taken care of.

Hopefully we can get some work in on him before the reset. If we can get our 3rd new boss down in as many weeks, that would be quite an accomplishment for our "casual" guild.

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