Wednesday, January 16, 2008

General Thoughts on Badge Rewards

Posted on Maintankadin as a way to address the many Badge Reward posts.

Any discussion of Badge rewards must start with the Libram of Repentance. It is the essential purchase for any tank looking to reach uncruhsable.

After that, it is generally accepted that the Chest, Legs, and Cloak are very strong rewards for anyone at the T5 level and below. Order of acquisition of these rewards should be prioritized on which slot of yours needs upgrading the most and which slot can be most easily filled in the instances you are running.

After those three, there is not a strong consensus on which route to go, although the Boots, and both Belts are seen as strong options that are a tier below the Chest, Legs and Cloak. For both the Boots and Belts, there are numerous non Badge rewards that are competitive with the Badge rewards in the T4 and T5 instances.

The choice of which Badge Belt should largely be made depending on your expected role. Main Tanks tend to favor the heavy defense of the Iron Tusk while OffTanks tend to favor the spell damage Protector.

The Wrist and Hands are generally seen as a tier below these although they possess stats that some Tankadins favor such as Melee Hit, and Expertise.

It is generally accepted that the Badge Helm and Shield are the most easily replaceable at the T4 level and thus are not considered strong options for spending badges.

The Block Trinket can be very powerful situationally but as a situational item, it is not seem as a priority.

As with any upgrade, carefully consider all your gear and how each item fits into your sets.
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