Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Looking In the Mirror

Last night was an interesting night for me in WoW. I'm starting to see some things in myself that I never thought I would I see.

I logged in and saw we had a group already in Gruul's. I asked how long they had been there and I get the idea from the response it had been about 10 minutes. I start to get a little upset because I had posted on our forums when I'd be on.

I basically expected them to hold me a spot. GG me.

When the group struggled to kill Gruul, they called me to come in. At first, I was going to turn them down. I was in a snit for lack of a better word. Sulking. Being real mature.

But I decide to go anyway.

On our first go, the Main Tank had him too far away from the healers so he was moving him around a bit which made it very hard to keep him in the Consecration. Then I lost #2 threat to a DPS Warrior. I blew my whole mana bar and a mana pot trying to get him back, but because the healers were trying to keep the DPS Warrior up, I got caught low right before a Shatter. My Pot was on cooldown.

I died. We wiped. Nice one there, Hammer.

We regroup. The Warrior apologizes for pulling. No worries, we'll get him next time.

We start rocking and rolling on him. The attempt is looking pretty good when the MT goes down. I pick him up and our Rogues pop Evasion. We get one lucky dodge from our Rogues, and we are able to get him down the final 5 or 6%.

It is mentioned that we don't have time for Mag because Gruul took too long. I quip that had they waited for me, Gruul would have been a one shot.

I sat staring at my screen for a minute, sort of in disbelief of what I was seeing coming out of my virtual mouth.

The pride and arrogance that I was displaying was awful.

Everything I hated in the Tanks back at level 60, I was seeing develop in myself. The Arrogance, the Pride, the whining about repair bills, the lust for gear.

WoW is a temporary thing, a game, a castle in the sand. Very soon, no one will remember or remark what happened in that virtual world. Yet, there I was, acting like I was the only toon in the server who could do right.

I know that's not like me, I'm not like that, but there it was.

I made an apology in Officer Chat, and on our forums.

Life has a funny way of knocking pride and arrogance off someone. I hope I recognized my folly before my fall.
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