Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This Is Farm?

(Somewhat grumpy, emotional, and ranting text to follow. I'll have a nice Auras and Blessings post later)

Last night was awful. The plan was great. One shot High King Maulgar and Gruul and then hopefully get Magtheridon down again. Then we'd be open to SSC on Friday.

I logged out right at Gruul's Lair because I knew I wasn't going to be logging on until basically start time (8:00pm). I log on and get an invite and see only 15 or so in the Raid. I did notice some new faces like my buddy Aoesrus.

We couldn't summon people in because 2 different Horde guilds were outside. We don't start pulling until almost 9pm.

We wiped 3 times on High King before we finally got him down. Some of it was bad luck (Mage Tank getting his Spell Steal resisted), and some of it was poor execution (not getting Fel Hunters under control, dispelling the Spell Shield before our Mage Tank could steal it).

We took several attempts at Gruul, but to no avail. The closest we got him was 10%.

Why did we have so many new people/alts in the raid?

I know we've been killing Gruul for a couple of weeks now but we were going to do Mag after that, so shouldn't we have brought a better group?

Which leads me to believe that either people were on and declined invites or people were not on. If you are online and are asked to come to a Raid, the answer is Yes, plain and simple.

Trying to gear people up is fine but we didn't do much of that with bosses not dying.

Maybe it's that Tuesday is a bad night and Wednesday works better for our "core" people (which would kind of stink for me, but it is what is, I'll survive).

I'm amazed how we don't seem to have a clue what we really want. Sometimes it just feels like a gathering of random people put together , some pvp , some pve , some hardcore ,some just for fun.

I want to have fun, but for me, most of the fun for me and my raid team is to down new bosses , and you can't do that without 100% dedicated people. We might have 15 of those but I'm not sure we have 25.
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