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Weapon Speed and Reck Bombs

Hello I really enjoy your blog and I have a question for you. What is the optimal speed weapon that I am looking for to use to get the full impact from reckoning? I am still leveling (lvl 33 as of this writing). Thanks - Paul

Ah, Reckoning. It has, in all its various forms and iterations, been one of my favorite Protection talents.

For those unfamiliar with Reckoning, here is the official description:

Rank 5
Gives you a 10% chance after being hit by any damaging attack that the next 4 weapon swings within 8 sec will generate an additional attack.

You see that 4 swings within 8 seconds (of course you did, I bolded it.) That would seem to lead to a straightforward conclusion that you need a 2.0 speed weapon to be able to use up all 4 charges of Reckoning. However, there is more to it than that.

Reckoning is a proc, and one that is triggered by damage you take. Now the complication arises with your swing timer. You don't know where in your swing timer you are going to be when Reckoning procs. For a 2.0 speed weapon to get to consume all 4 charges, Reckoning must proc just as your swing timer is finishing up. It's pretty unlikely that you will proc Reckoning at the exact moment you need.

If you weapon is faster than 2.0, then for every .1 seconds less than 2.0 it is, you have that much of a "window" between the proc and the swing for you to enjoy the full benefits of Reckoning. I roll with a 1.6 speed mace which means Reckoning can proc up to .4 seconds before my swing timer is up and I would still get all 4 charges used up.

But why not approach Reckoning from another angle. Instead of worrying about whether you are going to use up all the charges, look at trying to keep it active as much as possible.

It's a 10% proc chance and lasts 8 seconds. Playing the odds, if we can get hit 10 times in 8 seconds, there is a good chance we will get Reckoning to proc again, and give us another 4 charges (essentially, it refreshes, you can never have more than 4 charges).

There is not a mob or a boss in the game that attacks that fast (0.8 attack speed). The only opponent even capable might be a BM Hunter. But that assumes just one mob attacking you, but what about 2, or 4?

A standard 2.0 attack speed mob will attack you 4 times in 8 seconds. So you would need at a minimum 3 mobs banging on your to give you a good chance to proc Reckoning. This assumes that every attack will do some damage to you and we know that is not the case. You will Parry, you will Dodge or the mob will miss. In fact as you gear up in the end game, it becomes harder and harder to proc Reckoning. Many end game tanks skip the talent.

So we need to increase our attack party size to about 4 mobs. 4 mobs will attack 16 times over 8 seconds. Even if you Dodge/Parry/Miss 6 attacks, you still have a very good (statistically) chance to proc Reckoning.

When taking on these packs, the best possible outcome of an attack is a Block. You still take some damage (incoming hit - block value) so you get a chance to proc Reckoning but that damage is reduced. Therefore, prioritize your gear with Block Rating, Block Value and Stamina over Dodge, and Parry.

Taking on packs of this size synergies well with your other tools like Consecration, Improved Righteous Fury and Retribution Aura, as well as tools you get later on, like Holy Shield and Ardent Defender. And wouldn't it be great if we had a talent that greatly increased our chance to block while getting beat on by many mobs, perhas even another proc that could stay up constatly without wasting mana or a global cooldown? Look up Redoubt, you say. Excellent idea.

This leads to the AoE Grinding that Protection Paladins come to know and love as they level.

Remember as well that Reckoning is a proc, a roll, a chance. You can (and will) go stretches where it just won't proc, but those should be extreme cases.

When you hit level 35 or 36, take yourself to the northeast corner of Dustwallow Marsh. There are villages of Murlocs up there where you can learn, practice and fall in love with AoE grinding. Just be careful of the Oracles (prioritize killing them if you pull one).

Start slowly, 2 or 3, then work your way as you feel comfortable. My current record is 16, and I've geared up some since then so I'm sure I could increase that if I wanted.

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Faust said...

There is not a mob or a boss in the game that attacks that fast (0.8 attack speed). The only opponent even capable might be a BM Hunter

Any reasonably geared 70 rogue can EASILY hit you that fast, between Slice and Dice, Blade Flurry, and dual wield.