Friday, February 29, 2008

Alt Run and Arena

Not really much to report from last night. I logged in and got asked to do a Kara run for a group of alts. I asked if I could take my friend's mage.
Aoesrus has changed jobs recently and his work schedule makes it difficult to raid, so I've been trying to get him in some Kara's for badges, and a couple of pieces of loot that he needs.
Last week, I was able to play Aoesrus in Kara for a PuG and I have to say it was pretty fun. Before I zoned in, Adam, Aoesrus real player, gave me a spell rotation and some tips on how to play a mage.
The first boss we did was Curator. I died a couple of times on the trash when I would run in and start Arcane Explosion on the little mana feeders. Adam told me later Blizzard would have been a better choice.
We get through that and pull Curator. I was Ice Lancing Astral Flares and Frostbolting Curator during Evocation. I think I did okay.
After that we went up to Shade of Aran. I did my best to counterspell his Fireballs, but wow does counterspell have a long cooldown. We didn't end up killing Shade and I had to go at that point because it was getting late.
I was number 3 on the DPS charts, and I have to say, it was pretty fun.
I really started to wonder if I should have leveled my own mage instead of my hunter. I had soloed with Aoesrus back when Adam was leveling to try to help him level, and I didn't like it. I'd see a group of 2 mobs and know that I could take them with my hunter (trap 1, kill 1), but I didn't have a clue how to take them on Aoesrus.
Now what I want to do is get my Hunter in there and see if it was the Mage playstyle or just being DPS, and doing something different.
But last night, my tank was needed, so I went on Honorshammer. We cleared up to Shade and I got 11 Badges.
After Karazhan, I got asked to do Arenas with my 5s team. It was late but I agreed although as it turned out I almost didn't do Arena's at all.
When I joined up, I was informed they were adding someone to the team for the night. It was a guy in my guild that I just don't get along with. We've had our share of disagreements and arguments, and I had decided it was best for us not to do any small group content together. I can't help 25 mans, but I can avoid him as much as possible in 5 and 10 mans.
So when I saw he join the team, I left it. I would rather not have gotten Arena points than do them with this guy.
The irony is, we are very similar people, he and I, which is probably why we annoy each other so much.
He leaves the team, and they invite me back. We went either 2-8 or 3-7, I can't remember.
We had a horrible matrix. Rogue, Warlock, Resto Druid, Holy Priest, and Prot Paladin.
None of us have any significant PVP gear. I think I had the most with 200 Resilience, which was fine in Season 2, but not so much in Season 3.
After having our teammates burst down, I ended up trying to help DPS the Rogues target, Cleanse as much as I could, and throw a heal now and then. I would have respec to Ret but I'm going to be Tanking this weekend, so I didn't want to have to respec twice in about 24 hours.

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