Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feeling Threatened?

I record all my boss fights and upload them to WoWWebStats. WWS is a great tool for examining how you are doing. I generally look at things like how much damage the boss is doing to me or how many crushes I took.

I went back to a couple of my WWS parses because I wanted to see what kind of TPS numbers I was producing. Omen or KTM can give you a snapshot of what you are doing at that moment, but at least for me, my TPS can vary quite a bit as the fight goes along.

I got thinking about this when one of the posters on MainTankadin announced that T5 Tankadins should be producing 700 TPS. I wanted to know how I stacked up to that.

So what I wanted to do was take the total threat produced and divide it by the time of the fight.

The first problem I ran into was that there isn't a fight I'm doing right now that is just a "stand there and produce threat" the whole time.

So with that in mind, I'm going to list out the fights, what my role is and what TPS numbers I produced.

Gruul the Dragonkiller - Hurtful Strike Offtank - 530 TPS

I'm producing 0 threat during Shatter and I'm limited by what the maintank can produce, especially early on in the fight. Blocks are very rare so I get very little if any Holy Shield threat.

Hydross the Unstable - Frost Main Tank - 525 TPS

I'm generally only producing threat during my phase. When he is in Nature Phase, I keep up a stack of Seal of Vengeance to facilitate picking him up when he goes back to Frost. You can't block Hydross because he's an elemental so Holy Shield does not good there.

Magtheridon - Main Tank - 616 TPS

I tank the first Channeler then watch for loose Infernals. After two minutes of the fight, I pick Mag and go to town.

The Lurker Below - Guardian Tank - 110 TPS

I'm only producing significant threat during the Submerge. I burst as much threat as I can on my Guardian. There are long stretches of this fight where I'm offhealing and keeping Judgement of Light going.

Morogrim Tidewalker - Murloc Tank - 976 TPS

Massive AoE threat situation. I tank all 12 Murlocs using healing threat from Holy Light.

What I don't have a feel for is if those are "good" numbers to be producing.

I can infer from the fact that my DPS rarely pulls aggro and has not complained about being threat capped, that I'm doing good on the threat front.


Matticus said...

Your last line nailed it. If your DPS isn't complaining and if no one's accidentally pulling aggro, then you're fine. What's the difference between 600 threat per second and 1000 threat per second if no one can catch up to you anyway, right?

Zen said...

TPS number extracts are deceptive because as you've observed, you aren't necessarily generating TPS the whole fight (and often your DPS are in the same boat).

As long as you're not capping your DPS, and you're not hitting berserk timers as a result, it doesn't matter so much.