Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ataris on Masochist Paladin asked at the end his post "What should I bring to a raid?" So I thought I'd offer what I personally bring to a raid from a consumables standpoint.


Mana Potion Injector (or Super Mana Pots)

Health Potion Injector (or Super Health Pots)

Ironshield Potions

Charged Crystal Focus (from Ogril'la)

Dense Stone Statues (JC only, we really need a level 70 version)


Spicy Crawdad (or any other 30 stamina food)

Blackend Basilsik (spell damage and staima, and quite yummy)


Superior Wizard Oil (Gimme some aggro)

Elixir of Major Fortitude AND Adepts Elixir OR Flask of Fortification OR Flask of Blinding Light

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