Friday, March 14, 2008


Thursday night, Mal Katai returned to the Eye. With Void Reaver a steaming pile of used parts, we set our sites on Solarian.

Of course, Al'ar was still flapping around so we had to kill his trash, again. That meant dealing with that stupid patrol in the first room. I guess it's going to be a little like the elevator in SSC, we are just going to wipe on that pull.

After the Al'ar trash we get to the Solarian trash. Her trash is a lot of fun. It's group after group of 2 major elites, which my co-tanks, Brindall and Lanorah, picked up along with 8 or so smaller elites that I pick up.

I went into my standard AoE tank rotation. I toss my shield, lay down a consecrate and pop Holy Shield. Warlocks and mages squee with glee and the trash goes away.

During the clearing of Solarian's trash, we get not one but two Seventh Ring of the Tirisfalen to drop. All 3 of our "main" tanks now have them. I say "main" in quotations because we don't have a Main Tank in the traditional sense of the word. We have 3 or 4 guys who usually or mainly tank.

So we get to the boss herself.

Hey, hey good looking, what epics you got cookin?

Solarian is not an overly complicated fight. She starts by firing off Arcane Missiles at what appears to be random people in your raid. Then she debuffs one person with Wrath. In a very Baron Geddonesque way, that person will blow up after a short amount of time. When you blow up you damage everyone around you and throw them and yourself way, way, way up in the air.

If you are the one who was the bomb, you don't fall damage. That's a good thing. If you blow someone up, they DO take fall damage. Mine was usually on the order of 18k. Plenty enough to kill most players, I'd wager.

Then she changes phases and summons a bunch of adds which have to be AoE'ed down. Lots of adds to AoE, IT'S HAMMER TIME!!!

I had everyone stand near me and layed down a Consecrate. One or two always seemed to get loose onto one of our mages. I'm not sure, other than having the mages wait a little longer to start AoE how can I can hold them any better.

We had a couple of very frustrating wipes, but none was worse for me personally, than the one where I got DC'ed as we pulled. Everyone just started running in place.

There is a 4% that I would get the Bomb debuff while I was dc'ed, and I did, twice. I should go buy a lottery ticket or something.

Our final attempt of the night was looking really good until someone blew up the raid when she was at 25%.

So Solarian is still very much alive, but we feel confident that we have the players to kill her, it's just a matter of execution.


Raydz said...

Grats man you guys are really making great strides!

Asara Dragoness said...

We just downed Solarian for the first time not too long ago. I recommend the Solarian Alarm addon VERY much, it turns your entire screen blue when you get her debuff, so you have as much warning as possible to get the heck away from people and not blow them up. Good luck with your next try! :)