Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3 Up and 3 Down

Reset day and the merry band of Mal Katai got our hip boots ready to slog through SSC. Real life had me running a little behind so when I got summoned we were already at Hydross. I was surprised to see some of the guys who had blown us off for Arena the night before in the Raid. I guess they worked their stuff out with our GM.
We burned Hydross down pretty quick, and moved onto Lurker. We only had one mage, so we had to adjust our strategy just a little bit. We used traps, fears and burned down more adds than usual.
Something really strange happened during the Lurker fight. I got hit by spout, under the water. It only happened once, but it isn't supposed to happen at all. Fortunately, I was able to survive. We were double fortunate that Devona was in the Raid and not assigned to tank anything. He flawlessly picked up my Guardian and saved the raid. I picked up the Libram off Lurker which is really nice since it lowers the cost of Holy Light and going OOM while healing is one of my biggest issues.
Then we get ready to start pulling towards Tidewalker. 1 Mage on Tidewalker trash is not the easiest thing to do. We also needed our Druid Tank for Tidewalker himself. Unfortunately, this led to about a 30 minute delay as we switched people around. We had to ask a couple of people to leave the raid to fit in the new people.
Now, I wasn't the raid leader, but I would think it would have been easier to form a raid capable of the 3 (or 4) bosses we wanted to attempt that night, rather than have to change out in the middle and lose all that time. Maybe we didn't have the people online at Raid start time that we needed. I wouldn't know as I was running late myself last night.
The trash from Lurker to Tidewalker seems to be the longest stretch in SSC. Twice we accidentally pulled 2 groups of Murlocs at a time. I moved as far away from the sheeps as I could and laid down a Consecrate. I was in my Trash (Crushable Threat) set, and not in my AoE (Block Value) set, so I wasn't really ready for AoE tanking. My healers were just amazing. Our Raid Leader (Ryken - Holy and sometimes Ret Paladin), marked a Skull and kept the mark moving from target to target and we managed to down each group. It was fairly chaotic.
We got into position for Tidewalker. My Warlock partner (Lontra) was all set to Life tap. We really have gotten very used to working with each other, and I know I can count on him to his part. He has developed a trust in me. We've got Murloc pick up down to a science.
The hard part is when we move Tidewalker up into the tunnel to Fathom Lord's room. I have about a half second to pickup the murlocs before they start destroying our healers. We lost a couple of healers and AoEers but we managed to kill Tidewalker in one pull.
Technically it was two pulls. See there is a pat in the hallway between Tidewalker's and Fathom Lord's room. If you pull Tidewalker, this pat despawns. I don't know why. So we have one person get all streaky (no clothes), and pull Tide. He resets and the pat despawns.
Even though we were short on time, we decided to go give Fathom Lord a try.
I was given the task of tanking Fathom Lord himself. I've now done every main tank role in that fight except the Priestess.
The first pull I got put in some sort of whirlwind, tornado thing (looked like the thing that Crone does in the Opera event in Karazhan). Fathom Lord ignores me even though I nailed him with a judgement and had a Misdirect. Instead, he tees off on our Holy Priest (Doreaellin). She dies and then Blanks (Feral Druid) gets burst down by the Shaman.
We regroup and pull again. The pull goes off nicely this time. The adds start going down, but we lose some DPS to the Spitfire Totem. We DPS him as hard as we can. My threat was very high especially with the lead time I had.
Fathom Lord hit enrage at 1%, put me into an ice block thing (can't block, parry, dodge). I get nailed and died, and Fathom Lord finishes off our raid at 1%. UGH! I hate 1% wipes. If even 1 more DPS had stayed alive we would have had him no problem.
It was too late to pull again. Losing that half hour reinventing the raid cost us anymore attempts. The good news is that there is very little trash before FLK, so it should be a quick pull to him next time up.
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