Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finish Up The Week

Before I went raiding on Monday night, I flew by the Isle of Quel'Danas and visited Smith Hautthua. He had used the Naga ore I brought him to craft me a new ring(comparision made to the Voilet Signet of the Great Protector (left) and the Ring of Sundered Souls (right)) and a new set of pants
(comparision made to the Unwavering Legguards).
At first I was a bit dismayed because when I changed out the gear, I was sitting at 487 defense. This will never do. So I swapped a Solid Star of Elune out for an Enduring Talasite in my Justicar Shoulders. It was only a net loss of 2 stamina because I picked up the socket bonus. Honestly, I should have done it sooner.
My new unbuffed hit points sit at 16,157. My dodge is up over 25%.
Fully buffed up in Mag's later on, I was able to hit 22k hit points, 51% pure avoidance (dodge + parry + miss), 18k armor, and 500 spell damage. I'm very happy with where my little dwarf is at gear wise.
Monday night, we did our normal Gruul and Mag farm night. We had 2 Prot Warriors in the Raid so I found myself a bit extraneous in Gruul's. I gave our Main Tank Warrior (whom I've passed on nearly every Gruul kill) some time to build threat, meanwhile our 2nd Prot Warrior was building as well. Our 2nd Prot Warrior started taking Hurtful and without incoming damage I found myself dry in a hurry.
We did end up setting a new record for a Gruul kill. He was dead in under 5 minutes.
After Gruul, we went over to Mag.
Our first go at Mag was going well. The Channelers were dying swiftly. I moved into position to pick up Mag. I got him into position when BAM! I was dead.
I took a quick look at the combat log and saw a couple of lifebloom and renew ticks. I was asked by the Druid (Trelic) who was running the raid what happened. I told him it looked like I only had HoTs rolling. The healers strongly disagreed. I saw what I thought was a bug. It look like I had gotten cleaved twice in one second.
I really miss having Grim Reaper or Recount Death Monitor available. Both stopped working in 2.4.
Later on, I REALLY missed having him. After the Raid, I put together the WWS, and found out it wasn't two cleaves. It was a Cleave and a Crush. Now the hard part is what to do. The raid is over and whatever happened, happened. Am I better off just letting the night go or should I apologize to the healers tonight when we start raiding.
It took 2 more tries but we got Mag down. He didn't drop a Champion token, which I was sort of disappointed about. I don't NEED my Tier 4 Chest, but I'm 4/5 and I'd really like to have it.
The plan was to go to Al'ar afterwards, but we lost about a quarter of the raid because they wanted to go finish their Kara.
Yes, Kara.
I was absolutely stunned that people would rather go do Kara than do a 25 man like Tempest Keep. I did a couple of dailies and called it a night.


Brigin said...

Honor, its the badge system. if they do kara and get their badges it's loot / gear that they don't have to roll on. You technically can do kara and never have to set foot in any of the 25 mans and get comparable or even better gear.

Our guild still runs kara every week. 2-3 groups going every weekend.

Galoheart said...

I know recount works in 2.4 as I do have it. However I haven't had to look at the death log so not sure if its working or not, but since recounts does work I see no reason why it wouldn't be recording deaths.

On my server their is a lot if people running hearoic, me included but that's because I enjoy heroics for the badges and the gear. But their are allot of people I know in T5 guilds that are running lots of heroics during the day for Badges. So I can see why some wants to hit up Kara fast for badges. Yeah you would think they want to do T5 stuff. But from what I see on my server their is lots of people after lots of Badges of Justice for the new gear as well as the new gems.

tego said...

yeah, kara = badges = good gear N gems. Personally if my options were just alar.... or kara id do kara, alar is a %*$& while kara.. for a t5 guild is a chance to goof off and have fun, though looking at what you have said about the guild not being serious enough to begin with.... maybe you have a point