Monday, May 12, 2008

Almost There

I was quite surprised when I logged in last night and received an invite to the SSC Raid. I whispered my GM and ask her if she was sure she wanted me to go. She did, so I went and grabbed my supplies and got ready to raid.
It seems most of MK doesn't read my blog as no one said anything to me about being in the raid despite the post I had made about leaving.
I did not go by the Guild bank, instead I went down to the Iron Forge Auction House and dropped about 100g in Consumables and enchant mats for my Pepe's Cloak of Pacification.
I was really struggling to figure out where I'd use Pepe's over Slikk's Cloak of Placation. I get 5 more Dodge Rating from Pepe's but I lose the Armor and Defense on Slikk's. I could see using Pepe's when I do Bear Avatar in ZA to try to make sure I don't get a taunt resist, but last night helped me see another use for Pepe's.
First up on the docket for MK Sunday night was Fathom Lord. Since we had two Feral Druids (Trelic and Trigog) in the raid, we put a Warrior (Lanorah) on the Priestess, the Druids took the Hunter and the Shaman, and I took Fathom Lord himself.
Like Hydross earlier in the week, Fathom Lord was fairly easy one shot. I was being healed by a new Holy Paladin that MK had picked up during this weekend Mount Hyjal trash run. He was mostly Kara/Badge geared (I recognized the Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards, and Tier 4 helm). There were a couple of close calls and I burned all my short cooldowns (Pocketwatch, Healthstones, Health Pots).
He dropped a Sextant of Unstable Currents, two Hero tokens and a Champion. I was questioned by one of our Holy Paladins when I didn't bid on the token, but I linked my Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor and explained they were much better (which they are, natch). So I helped Mal Katai get 3 more people Teir 5 Leggings. I'm not sure how I would have explained not rolling on the Frayed Tether if it had dropped again. I would have had to hope that one of the Ferals outbid me.
We had a couple of people bail out on the raid and got them replaced. Lanorah (Prot Warrior) asked to be replaced since he didn't feel like he could contribute to a progression kill on Leo.
We started pulling towards Leo and wiped twice on the trash. Both times it was from accidentally pulling two groups at once. Those dang mushrooms the Elemental drops really hurt and you can't Stoneform the stupid debuff (/shakes fist in anger).
I could tell Ryken (Paladin, co-GM) and Dora (Priest, co-GM) were really pushing the raid, trying to keep the pace up and get some solid time on Leo. I have a suspicion that they believed a progression kill on Leo could be used as evidence that the guild is moving forward and convince me to stay.
I was back tanking Leo's human form and Raistilan was on his Lock (Dotslover) tanking care of the Demon.
We had a couple of people who had trouble with Inner Demons, however, I was very pleased when our Afflication Lock (Deeslock) was able to kill her Demon. She had always struggled in previous attempts. I was stunned when Cryak (DPS Warrior) didn't get his down in tome. Cryak is a really skillful player whether he specs for tanking or DPS. Maybe he just had some bad luck, like an untimely miss, I don't know.
We needed to use at least 1 battle rez on Dotslover, so I know he died at least once.
There were a couple of transitions where I just couldn't seem to get him under control. I would nail him with a Judgement and he'd go running off for a DPS. I didn't want to throw my shield because I was going to need it to grab him after the Whirlwind. A couple of times, I did go ahead and toss the shield, just to try to get him back. The only conclusion I can draw is DPS didn't stop in time.
A couple of times, I tossed my sheild and it missed! So I switched cloaks over to Pepe's for this fight.
We got two attempts in on Leo. Our first was ended by Dotslover going down when Leo was at 10%. Ryken DI'ed me. See that's another advantage to a Paladin Main Tank, you really can DI The Main Tank!
Our second attempt, we got him to 5%, but we hit the enrage timer, and he one shot me, and proceeded to decimate the raid in short order. Once you hit the 15% split, it feels so chaotic. The Demon is up blasting away at Dots, Leo is whirlwinding all over the room. It's really, really intense.
I'd love to be there when MK finally kills this overgrown spinning top, but I don't think it would have any impact on my decision.

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