Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Name The Warrior Contest

My guild, Dominion, made some very good progress on Lady Vashj last night. Twice, they got her into Phase 3. The best attempt was a 5% wipe when they lost the Main Tank (Kee), then the offtank (Vlad) got static charged, and rooted at the same time.

My night started out kind of rough. We had a hail storm in my city. We hardly ever get weather like that. Our close proximity to the coast usually protects us from tornadic thunderstorms. My daughter was a little freaked out by the hail hitting on our roof, so I sat up with her until the storm passed. Nothing like wrapping your arms around Daddy to make you feel safe.

I emailed my RL (from my cell) and let her know I would be late and to please replace me with someone else. It was a courtesy because I had already been told I wouldn't be in for Vashj, but in case she had been counting on me for Lurker, I wanted to let her know I would be delayed.

I finally logged in and they were working on Lurker. I respec Honors back to Prot (yeah!) and did some housekeeping (Auctions, a daily or two). Then I decided to go try a new alt. I had stumbled across an Alpha leak site with information on Warriors in Lich King. It sounded pretty cool. I really want to give "the" tank class a spin.

I lost my 34 warrior, Rabbitslayer to the account hackers. Apparently, each character Blizzard restores costs you a Restoration, and you only have so many. That Warrior had been a Draenai, so I decided to make this guy human. (#I'm only human.......of flesh and blood......I'm made.....#)

So I need to come up with a name. He's already level 10, but I can rename him later. By the way, low level greens have skyrocketed in price to the point that no one could afford them without a 'sugar daddy' Level 70.

I want to keep with the Honors______ convention. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

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