Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Them Down!

Last night, I was raiding again, back in good ole Mount Hyjal. I'll never forget the feeling of excitement and awe I had the first few times I went to Mount Hyjal. It saddens me some that that feeling has lessened with each week I venture in there.


I got an email asking me about Kaz'Rogal's trash:
well my first time in Hyjal and we one shot first two bosses!
I think its a proud day for me. especially since the event was started by someone with 3 people out of the instance and half the raid unbuffed. During the first phase, 3rd wave our MT died and I was on point and picked up the adds and tanked the rest of the waves. I got whisper on how well I was doing in picking up adds. I was trinketing out of the frost attack with lighting speed, for which I got another comment on vent saying, "see you know what to do". I accredit this to your blog and also the Ardent Defender blog for showing the true meaning of being prepared and dedicated prot pally. During the second set of waves I was able to ease the burden of the main tank and grab the Aboms with ease. Second boss I was put in charge of picking up the infernals and bringing them to the infernal tank, which I did without fail. Heading to 3rd boss was full of issues. The guild hasn't really gotten this part down pact. There is still confusion on best way to handle gargoyles it seems. Do you have any suggestions? Once again thanks for all your information and replies to my emails.


Gargolyes show up in Wave 2, Wave 4 and Wave 6. We handle 2 and 4 pretty much the same way.
Wave 2 consists of 10 Gargolyes, and 4 Ghouls.
"Hey maan, da Gargoyles spawn at da back of da Horde camp near us Headhunters."
Send the entire raid, except your Protection Paladin and 2 healers to the back of the Horde camp near the Headhunters.
What you will find back there is a teepee looking tent. Your main goal must be to get the Gargoyles on the ground where they can be killed. The basic idea is for your Ranged DPS and Healers to get aggro on a Gargoyle. Once aggro is obtained the person with aggro must immediately run into the little teepee. Running into the teepee will break line of sight and force the Gargoyle to fly down into the waiting arms and claws of your melee DPS.
Meanwhile the Protection Paladin is kiting the Ghouls from the front to the back teepee. Come around to the side of the teepee first, then try to plant yourself in the middle of the Gargoyles on the ground. Call for your AoE to blast the combined Gargoyle and Ghoul threat. If any Gargoyle is still flying around when you get there, you've got to help get it on the ground. The Range taunt can get the Gargoyle on you, and Exorcism works well as a follow up. Once you have aggro, get under the tent to bring the Gargoyle down.
When the timer on the next wave starts running low drag whatever is still up back with you to the front and get ready for Wave 3, which is pretty easy.
As Wave 3 is succumbing to the Seed spam, your raid heads back to the little teepee once more. It's basically a repeat of Wave 2, but your job, oh Protection Paladin is a little tougher. Instead of friendly melee type Ghouls, you have to kite (and maintain aggro) and Crypt Fiends, who would much rather stay at range. Don't panic if one of the Horde NPCs pulls aggro, they can generally kill it. Just keep kiting the mobs back to the teepee.
Waves 2 and 4 were basically practice for the main event, Wave 6!
This time, you get Gargoyles, but they bring big mama along to in the form of a Frost Wyrm. The first time I saw the Frost Wyrm I was in awe. It was a terrifying unit in Warcraft 3, it's even more intimidating in WoW.
The Wyrm will be tanked by a Warlock most likely, leading to some interesting vent chatter.
"Early bird gets the Worm!" "The Worm is on _______" "Get the Worm off me!"
Whoever is tanking the Wyrm needs some room around him as the Wyrm does an AoE attack on that person.
Meanwhile, we've got a flock of Gargoyles surrounding the raid. What you need to find is a little tower looking thing near the front of the camp. Use it just like you used the teepee in the back. People get aggro on the Gargoyles and run under the tower to get them on the ground. AoE as you can but mostly help get those Gargoyles down.
It takes some practice but eventually you'll get it down. Then you'll get to see my least favorite boss fight in all of Mount Hyjal, Kaz'Rogal.

A Failure to Communicate

We just weren't on our game last night and despite having only two new people, it took two attempts to down Antheron and we wiped on Azgalor's trash during the last Infernal wave.
It was stated we would be going back Wednesday night to kill Azgalor and start working on Archimonde again. Vlad reminded us she would need to make substitutions after Azgolar was dead. I reminded the raid that I wouldn't be on.
I had informed Dominion during my initial interview about Wednesdays. I simply can't raid those nights. After the raid, Vlad and I discussed it. It turns out that she and the officers had thought it was a temporary thing, due to the daughter's dance class. I had to explain to them, that dance was the reason I was tardy sometimes on Tuesday nights, and that yes, it was in fact over with, but that wouldn't change my lack of availability on Wednesdays. Wednesday is dedicated to my family and things we do on those nights.
I'm not sure how that went over. Nothing much more was really said.


Suicidal Zebra said...

Quick note: you may want to fix your link to Ardent Defender ;)

Artorin said...

Not many people understand the family thing. I had to stop raiding because it was too much of a drain on me and my family. Family comes first allways. Your doing the right thing.

ArmsandFury said...

Same here guy. I quit raiding altogether and went for the PvP becuase I could quit at a moments notice if the family needed me.