Thursday, June 19, 2008

So Kael'thalas

Tuesday night was interesting. We were going back to Tempest Keep to continue working on Kael'thalas.
I figured we would want to kill Al'ar to reduce the amount of trash we needed to kill if we got respawns during our attempts on Kael. Since I needed Al'ar for the Ruse of the Ashtongue quest (part of the BT attunement chain), I explained the situation and I asked if I could go.
We actually took a couple who needed the quest, and made our way to Tempest Keep. We were told that the raid would be subbing after Al'ar, and I figured that would mean me.
I had done Al'ar with Mal Katai, but I didn't know how Dominion did it.
Basically it was the same idea. I was gathering adds, and holding them. One of our Holy Paladins was healing with Righteous Fury on and Salv off so he would be the healer the adds wanted. He positioned himself close to me and we kept moving in a circle around Al'ar's room. A DPS Warrior would taunt one off and it would be killed. At one point I had up to 6 adds on me. It was pretty intense.
Our attempt was ended because some of our raiders just couldn't help but stand in the flame patches. That caused Vlad (GM and RL) to say "Fire is bad, mmkay?"
Our next try was ended when Al'ar targeted one of our Holy Paladins for Meteor just as she disconnected from the game. He bugged out and our attempt was ruined.
Our third try we got him down.
At some point when we were clearing Al'ar's trash, Vlad told me I was 'in' for Kael. I don't know what had happened, but I was very excited.
I screwed up one of the trash pulls on the way to Kael, and wiped the raid. I had asked in vent if there was anything I needed to know about tanking this mage, and I got no response, so I figured it was a standard run in and generate as much threat as possible. What I was supposed to do was pull the mage really far away from the raid so he wouldn't AoE.
It's stuff like this that makes me worry I'm seen as a really bad player by my guild.
We clear out Kael's room. There he stands surrounded by his most trusted advisors. Names I had read and heard about where right there in front of me. Telonicus, Thaladred, Capernium, Sanguinar.
The fight is really cool.
The first part, he introduces the Advisors and sends them at your one at a time.
The first Thaladred but be kited. He picks a random person for aggro and walks slowly towards that person. You keep running around the room while Range DPS kills him. Pretty easy phase.
The next guy to come up was Sanguinar. He was Misdirected onto our Warrior Main Tank (Kee) and killed.
Then Kael trots out Capernium, who is Warlocked tanked by two Warlocks similar to how Kiggler is tanked by two Hunters.
As he was being killed, my healer and I were getting into position for Telonicus. Telonicus is an Engineer. He puts a debuff on you called Remote Controlled Toy that basically stuns you so you can't move. I had to get aggro on him, and then run him off the stag. Then get him positioned with my back to a wall.
The first time I tried it, I did a lousy job of getting him into position. I had read about it, seen it in a video, but I didn't quite pull it off. Luckily the damage was minimal and we were on to Phase 2.
Phase 2 is where you tank Weapons. I had always imagined them as floating disembodied weapons fighting you, and that's exactly what it is.
My assignment was the Shield. It was not DPSed directly but I was to drag it through the AoE that was happening. You have a certain amount of time to kill the weapons before Phase 3 starts.
In Phase 3 the Advisors are resurrected. I ran over and grabbed Telonicus, even though I still had the Shield beating on me. We didn't have the fight under control and we wiped.
The next attempt, I was flawless in my positioning of Telonicus. This made me feel really good. I know I make mistakes, especially learning a fight. I try my best to not repeat a mistake.
However, I made a pretty big gaff as the advisors got resurrected. I had gotten turned around and lost my bearing for a moment and I missed the pick up on Telonicus. He ran off and killed a couple before I got him back under control.
I was pretty upset with myself.
On our next attempt, I made sure I was going to be ready to pick him up, and I did without an issue. The main problem we seemed to be having was not having enough weapons/Advisors down before Phase 4 started. Once Kael came up, it was usually lights out for the raid.
It was really really cool to see the Kael fight. You get a taste in Magisters Terrace but the 25 man is so much more intense. Phase 2 and 3 are very chaotic. There is so much going on and everyone must be on their game.
Dominion managed to kill Kael the next night. I was at my daughter's dance recital and could not be online. I am really happy for those guys. I would have loved to have been there.
We'll be going back to Kael at some point. I'd really need him to get my ring from Scale of Sands, and I'd love a shot at his neck piece.

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