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Badge Rewards Intended Audience

"Is your Pick Order based on the fact that you're in a T5-6 raiding guild, and already have all the T4+ gear you want/need? I'd appreciate any clarification you can give regarding the "which paladins is this aimed at" question as well as advice on my particular situation.

Thanks in advance,
Duclama of Blackhand-US"

The Badge Rewards pick order is aimed at a Paladin at any progression level, however, you have to tailor it some what to your own situation. As I state in the opening paragraph of that article:

"Don't follow this list blindly. If you are really weak in one particular area buy that first. For instance if you have been running Kara and have most all the epics there but Nightbane just won't drop the Panzar'thar Breastplate, the Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian moves way up the list for you."

I had originally planned on making a pick order based on each level of progression, but what I found was that I was recommending the same order each time.

So let's say you are in early Tier 4. You already have my #1 recommendation, the Libram of Repentance. You may be wondering if you should get the Legs next (#2 on my list) to replace your Timewardens or get the Boots to replace your Flesh Beast Metal Greaves / Sha'tari Wrought Greaves, and just for fun let's say you already have Panzar'thar.

It is likely you won't replace either the Sabatons or the Legplates for a long time. The upgrade to his character is close for either upgrade. So now we look at the other potential upgrades. For legs, you would need Wrynn Dynasty Greaves to drop off of Curator. For the boots, you need Boots of Elusion to drop from a Trash Mob. You might also have a Warrior tank who will likely also be interested in both pieces. So now you need them to drop, and you need to win the item under whatever your loot system is.

Just based on probability, you will see Boots of Elusion drop before you see Wyrnn's. My logic on this is you kill probably 100 trash mobs just to get to Curator, plus all the other Trash in the instance. So with the assumption that the Boots will drop while you are grinding badges, the Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor is still the way to go. The Boots of Elusion are also very helpful to an early Tier 4 Paladin who is probably fighting to be uncrushable and using a staminaless Andormu's Tear.

I've also been asked to reveal the order I purchased Badge Rewards for Honors.

The major difference for me buying badge rewards and someone reading this article is the timeframe I bought the gear and what else was available.

Pre 2.3

1. Libram of Repentance. I started grinding for it as soon as I was revered (remember when you needed to be revered to run Heroics). I needed it to be uncrushable. I had actually run Kara for three weeks before I had it. At that time, you did not get Badges in Kara. My next target was going to be grinding for the 50 Badge Helm.

At the time my gear looked like this: Eternium Greathelm, Strength of the Untamed, Spaulders of the Righteous, Devilshark Cape, Jadeskull Breastplate, Bracers of the Green Frotress, Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden, Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard, Timewarden's Leggings, Boots of Elusion, Violet Signet of the Great Protector, Andormu's Tear, Dawnstone Crab, Darkmoon Card: Vengence, Crystalforged Sword, Crest of Sha'tar, Libram of Repentance

Yes, I was exalted with Kara but hadn't seen any number of Kara drops.

I started running Heroics like a mad man. We started working on Gruul's. 2.3 was announced. I decided to abandon the Helm and power level engineering.


Patch 2.3 hits. I had saved my Badges and was trying to decide between the Badge Chest and the Badge Legs. I went with the chest because at the time we were downing Curator every week, but not getting Nightbane down consistently. Kara started dropping badges and I went to town.

The next upgrade I bought was the Legs. Then I bought the Cloak. In typical fashion, I got the Kara drop almost immediately after dropping the Badges for the same slot Badge gear. I don't feel too bad. I'm still wearing the Chest and I only replaced the Legs because of the 2.4 ones.

There were no more glaring weaknesses in my gear. We hadn't had a single Belt of the Guardian pattern drop. Vortexes were still BoP and the further progressed guilds didn't have any extras, so I opted for the Badge Belt. I was still in love (and frankly needed) the massive amount of avoidance on the Boots of Elusion. I couldn't afford to get the Sabatons yet.

Then I bought the Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx to get a little Expertise in my kit. Then I started grinding badges again. Kara was my home away from home. I purchased the Boots (Righteous Defender).


Then news of new Badge gear with 2.4 hits. I froze my badge purchases. I checked out the 2.4 PTR and saw the beautiful Badge pants and Badge Ring. I had 160 Badges ready to go when 2.4 hit along with a Nether Clefthoof patch from a Leatherworking friend.

Fast forward to today and I'm grinding badges again for my Fire Resist set, and Dory's Embrace for my Ret set.

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