Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Last night I was, once again, not needed. I was especially disappointed because the raid leader had said on Thursday she wanted to take as many of the same people Monday as she had on Thursday. I had expected that would mean I would get an invite. I had even gone to the Auction House and picked up a Flask of Mighty Restoration. I'm doing fine on gold, so I'm not really worried about it, but I think it shows my mindset going in last night.

I took advantage of my night off and finished off the quest to steal the fires from the Horde capitals. I had more trouble from the guards than I did from the actual Horde. I think during my time in the 3 capitals I needed to visit, I was attacked maybe once. I don't know what it is about seeing a Tier 5 Paladin running around Ogrimmar or Silvermoon City or Thunderbluff that just screams 'Don't attack him'.

I received my Crown of the Fire Festival. It's pretty cool. I've got just over 300 Blossoms, and I need about 50 more for the Brazier of Dancing Flames. Every time I see it I think of Dlasim from the game Street Fighter 2. He had one attack where the sound effect was "Yoga....Flame".

Afterwards, I decided to go farm up some Primal Air.

You get a lot of time to think as you fly around Nagrand looking for gas clouds and I have to admit I'm not entirely happy with my current situation. WoW is a game, entertainment, and ostensibly something I do to have fun. Sitting out is not fun. It was especially hard for me to listen to the others talking about how much fun they were having. I felt like a kid stuck inside and watching all the others at recess.

I went back and looked at my time in Dominion so far.

5/19 - Raiding (Holy - Vashj)
5/20 - Sat (Vashj)
5/22 - Raiding (Holy - Vashj Progression)
5/26 - Raiding (Prot - 3/5 MH clear)
5/27 - Raiding (Prot - 4/5 MH clear Azgalor progression)
5/29 - Raiding (Prot 3/9 BT clear)
6/2 - Raiding (Prot - Gorefiend progression)
6/3 - Raiding (Prot 4/5 MH)
6/16 - Sat (working on Kael)
6/17 - Raiding (Prot - working on Kael)
6/23 - Sat (working on Archi)
6/24 - Raiding (Prot 4/5 MH clear)
6/26 - Raiding (as Holy - Archi)
6/30 - Sat (working on Archi)

I haven't included weekend Tier 5 farm raids or nights that I wasn't online due to real life commitments.

We always take our Main Tank (Warrior) for tanking bosses and the Offtank/Raid Leader (Warrior) to lead the raid. We only needed 2 tanks for Vashj and 1 tank for Archimonde.

I've only sat out 4 of 14 Raids, not counting farm nights. I ran 7 of the first 8 raids after joining with them, then just 3 of the next 6.

Dominion's Raid Leader has stated emphatically that we will not run a Ret Paladin, so offering to even spec Ret isn't an option.

There are days I wish I could be happy in a less progressed guild. I'm not happy sitting, but I wasn't happy in a less progressed guild either.

I have two major goals I want to accomplish right now. Kill Kael, and face Illidan. For those to be accomplished I need to run Tier 6.

I keep telling myself to be patient. I don't want to say or do anything stupid, or anything I'll regret later.

We will have Archimonde down soon and then it's on to Bloodboil, Mother, Requilary, Council and Illidan. All those fights need 3 tanks. Reliquary is particularly well suited to using a Paladin Phase 3. It will be very interesting to me to see how Dominion handles that.

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