Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clothes That Make The Man Part II

Back in September of last year I listed out my various gear sets and what makes them up. I had intended to update that post much sooner, but today you have the next update.

What you see here is not actually how these suits look today. I felt like showing my sets in this state would be helpful to a larger audience. This is my 'Main Tank the Boss' set. Uncrushable, and maximizing on effective health, and avoidance. Survival above all else. Going to be fighting a Boss, so uncrushability must be maintainted but for whatever reason, threat is more important. I would use this in a fight that's a DPS race or I need to be second on threat. Gruul and Void Reaver are both situations where I might pull this suit out. I also use this anytime I am not tanking the boss, but I feel there is a chance the Main Tank might go down so I would need to try to grab the boss before too much damage is done to the raid.This is the set I would use for easy Heroics and 5 mans. This also became my 'Trash' set.This was my Block Value set. It saw great action on Morogrim's murlocs, Solarian's adds, and our early Mount Hyjal trash farming. I have since moved to a move dodge heavy set for Hyjal trash. Invariably, some of the mobs in those packs get behind you and you can't block them. I would also use this set (with a Figuring of the Colossus) for farming the Demon Hunter Supplicants up by Black Temple.This set pretty much saw action only on Hydross the Unstable where I was the Frost Main Tank. I still keep it in my bank in case I ever need it. This is the gear I would use when I wasn't grouped for Dailies, farming, and questing.
This was my 'I want to PVP but not repsec' suit. I found that as long as I was healing, no one in the Battlegrounds really cared if I was Prot or Holy.

I'll update this again with my current gear soon.


Jason said...

What addon do you use for your outfits? I am currently using GnomeCloset but am looking to change.


Honors Code said...

I'm still using ItemRack.