Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Dangerous, Really I Am

I was fortunate enough to be selected to join the Raid to Black Temple last night.

Our night started out with the Horde in control of the stone. As I hovered over them in my Gyrocopter, I was thinking how cool it would be if Blizzard let Engineers drop bombs from their flying mount. But those thoughts soon gave way to fighting for the stone.

After we zoned in, it wasn't long before I started noticing a problem, and it's name was Omen. I simply wasn't producing the same kind of threat numbers that I'm used to seeing. I checked all the usual suspects. Righteous Fury was on, Blessing of Salvation was off. I don't know what has happened to all our Paladins because we only ran two last night so it was Kings and Salv across the board.

One issue I had was some small four legged creatures known only as Sheep. These Sheep make it difficult for me to use Consecration. Apparently, Sheep have a problem with Holy ground and break. Broken Sheep makes my Raid Leader very grumpy.

The next issue was tanking the Elementals. I was really excited when Vlad (Raid Leader) assigned me to tank one of the large Elementals that guards the entrance to Najentus' lair. I'm usually on the spawns. Elemental attacks are unblockable, so on those mobs I lose some Holy Shield threat.

But what I was looking at last night was producing numbers far lower than I'm used to producing. Something was definitely off.

I think the core issue might have been a degradation of performance. My framerate dropped into the single digits at points. The only significant change I've made to my system is adding Decursive. So next time, unless we are specifically fighting Terron Gorefiend, I'm going to leave Decursive off.

The other action step is to update Omen. Is it just me or does that mod update every hour on the hour!

I'm also going to update the drivers on my Video Card. That should cover almost all my bases.

I will say this, the difference between 0/49/12 and 0/40/21 is very noticeable. Threat is much better in 0/40/21, but survivability is much better in 0/49/12. You can feel it, and you can see it on Omen. If we could just get a Ret Paladin, I could get the benefit of 0/40/21 with the survivability of 0/49/12, because the Ret Paladin could provide me with Sanctity Aura.

It is up to the Raid Leader to make the raid she feels has the best chance of success. We have a Paladin in our Raid who really wants to raid as Ret. I would think that, even if his DPS was a little low, we should let him raid as Ret. I think it would make him a happier raider.

The basic question I need to answer for the Raid Leader is will the Raid DPS be higher with DPS Warrior/Rogue/Rogue/Feral Druid/Enhance Shaman, or DPS Warrior/Rogue/Feral Druid/Enhance Shaman/Ret Paladin.

As our DPS has geared up, all of our tanks have started to run into threat issues. There are a couple of well geared Hunters and Warlocks who can pull over any tank we throw at the Bosses, myself included. These guys could easily make up for any lost DPS from a Ret Paladin.

As for the Raid itself, I'll say Dominion is getting really good at adapting to new faces in the raid and outside of them dying on Najentus due to low stamina, we didn't miss a beat.

Of course, the one time our Hunters didn't get the Misdirect up to get Supremus back on the tank, he had just punted me so I was no where close to him, and he squished one of our Warlocks.

Najentus still hates me, by the way, and steadfastly refuses to give up the Tide Stompers Greaves when I'm around. I think all the mobs gather around and hide all the Illidari Runeshields when I zone in as well. They only seem to drop on my off nights.

I did see a Syphon of the Nathrezim drop off of Supremus, but one of our Rogues needed it. I'd like pick up either the Syphon or Rising Tide (off Najentus) for my new tank weapon once patch 3.0 hits. Another option would be a Breaching Comet off of Kael in Heroic Magisters Terrace.

Hopefully, the steps I'm taking will eliminate the threat issues I had and everything will be right as rain come Monday night.
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