Monday, August 11, 2008


Friday night rolled around and I went to my bank.

He’s a mild mannered Tankadin during the week, crazy PVP Ret Paladin on the weekend.

I turned down a couple of people who asked me to tank for them. It takes me a couple of BGs to get out of tank mode and into PVP mode, and I like to be ready when my partner logs in. I checked my mailbox, and had the new Olympic tabard, but alas, no Gold Medallion yet.

This week went much like last week for us. We got off to a fast start and crested in the mid to high 1400s. Then we ran into some rough combinations, and slid down under 1400. We spent the rest of the night fighting our way back up to our original rating.

We ended up playing 24 games and finishing 2 points below where we started.

There were a couple of games where our team really gelled and you could see it working, but other games where we just didn’t get it together.

I really feel like there is promise to this team. What I can’t understand are the people who talk like 1600 is just a walk in the park. Maybe I’m just that bad at PVP, but right now, 1500 seems like a pretty good goal at this time.

The big difference I see on the weekend is doing my Daily quests. Almost all of them are more enjoyable as Ret. For instance, when you are doing The Battle Must Continue, one of the demons you fights is a winged demon who Warstomps and AoEs. When I’m prot, I get a stack of Vengeance going on him and drop a consecrate, and move out of the AoE. He stands there AoEing his little heart out, taking damage from the Consecrate. When I’m Ret, he’s dead before he even gets a chance to Warstomp.

I’ve pushed my rep over 19k with Shattered Sun. With any luck, I’ll be exalted in a day or so.


BigFire said...

I leveled a mage to do my daily money quest. I stop trying to do dailies other than fishing on my protection paladin.

In other news, I have gotten both tabard and medallion on both of my 70s. The mage took 1 winning game. The paladin took over 20 AV games (on my way to a S2 2 Hand Mace).

Anonymous said...

If you remember,matt and i vsd you on our mains in a 2v2 match,what fun that was.

Honestly we bought a team,nuked the rating so that we could vs you,we thought it would be fun.


Honors Code said...

I remember that. We were all like Mage/Priest. Okay, two clothies, we might have a chance. It took me about half the match to notice it was Akivarr and Aerlion.

I kept telling Chad (my 2s partner), what are they doing at our bracket?

It was cool to actually recognize the names on the other team, rather than RandomDruid/RandomLock.