Wednesday, October 22, 2008

7 Come 11, and She Could Be Mine

I'd bet it all on a good run of bad luck
Seven come eleven and she could be mine
Luck be a lady, and I'm gonna find love
Comin' on the bottom line

I don’t know how she did it, but my Raid Leader, Vlad, has managed to get Dominion raiding again.

We really want to see Illidan dead before the Expansion. I know it probably doesn’t always come across in the blog, but I do have a ton of respect for the work Vlad does for the guild.

I think our success on Thursday may have helped. People can see that Black Temple is severely nerfed. Raiding is much more relaxed, and everyone was having a good time.

I was given the Main Tank job on Najentus. I made sure to time my Bubble Wall up for when we broke the shield. He was dead before he could bubble a second time.

We went to Supremus. For some reason, he just ignored me at first and killed one of our DPS Warriors with Hurtful Strike. I know I was in melee, but he didn’t seem to pick me for a target.

Our raid has returned to a strong Paladin healing corps. I think we had 4 Paladins, 2 Priests, 1 Druid and 1 Shaman.

We are back to only having one Shaman in the raid, and he spent a good chunk of the night giving a very negative opinion of the changes to Resto Shamans in 3.0.2.

Supremus continues to deny Vlad a Brutalizer, and Najentus still can’t find the Tide Stompers.

We did Reliquary next. I suggested to Vlad that she and I build threat on Phase 2. My thinking was that if the Rogues missed a kicked, RoS would come to a tank and not a squishy. That worked like a charm. The Rogues did miss a kick or two, but RoS went from tank to tank. We got to Phase 3 and just destroyed her. I was really hurting for mana to the point I took a Dark Rune.

RoS dropped the tanking neck Pendant of the Titans. I thought Vlad and Kee already had it, but only Kee did. Both of them lead me in DKP. I was a little disappointed (since I thought I had a shot at it), but I got over it quickly and moved on to the next boss.

I don’t know how many more shots I’ll have at BT, but there will be new Tanking necks up in Northrend.

We did Bloodboil, and it was a little messy. I had gotten low when he switched from Kee (Warrior) to me, so I used my Bubble Wall. Unfortunately, this would mean I had a 3 minute Forbearance and couldn’t use Divine Shield to clean my Debuffs. Luckily, I got a “disorient”, and Bloodboil went back to Kee. I ran out of melee range for a couple of seconds, and I was debuff free after the next Fel Rage.

Akama was very easy. We only had 4 Defenders on our Druid Tank.

We then went and smacked around Teron. He only got 4 Marks of Death off before we killed him.

I was hoping to maybe get a new Ret weapon out of the night, but neither Teron, nor RoS was accommodating.

By this point, we were not bothering with CC anymore. Mages were pulling and tanks were taunting and each trash pack became and AoEfest ala Mount Hyjal.

We were a little hesitant to do Mother Sharaz because no one had brought much Shadow gear, but we decided to try it anyway.


You don’t need Shadow Resist gear anymore for Mother if you have good DPS


But I want to share something else that happened on Mother with you. I hope this does not come off as disparaging to my co-Tanks in any way because I want you, dear read, to know, I run with some really good Warrior and Druid tanks.

My role on Mother Sharaz is to be a soak tank with Vlad while Kee Main Tanks.

Mother does a long silence in a cone to everyone in front of her. This locks out my threat tools and Holy Shield so I’ve never even asked to tank her.

Basically, I was just DPSing away with Seal of Vengeance because the DoT keeps ticking while I’m silenced, and I was able to weave in Hammer of the Righteous because we can use that while silenced.

I dropped Consecrate between silences and Judged when I could.

I don’t pay much attention to Omen on fights like this. There is no way I was going to be up on there anyway.

Then with Mother at about 25%, I pulled aggro off Kee.

Let that sink in for a second.

I was silenced again and again, locking out every threat move but Hammer of the Righteous. I haven’t even gotten the new threat move, Shield of Righteousness, which I’ll have at Level 80, and I was getting zero Holy Shield threat because Mother was wailing on Kee.

And I pulled aggro.

Apparently, there is a bug right now with Judgement of the Light. The judging Paladin gets credit for all the healing threat done by Judgment of Light. With 25 banging away on the Boss, that’s a ton of healing threat.

I offered to stop attacking, but Vlad said to just go ahead and tank it and we did.

Apparently Mother was so impressed with my efforts; she dropped a Tome of the Lightbringer. I was really excited and asked to roll on it. One of the Holy, and sometimes Prot Paladins thought about rolling too but didn’t. I was relieved. He out DKPed me so if he had wanted it, there was little I could have done about it.

It was a really relaxed and fun run. If the servers will stay up and we can get some people online, I feel like we’ve got a shot at finishing Black Temple this week.
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