Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The scene is an ER.

The doctors are trying desperately to save the patient. Then then beep...beep...beep of the EKG machines suddenly goes to a flat tone. The patient has flat lined.
CPR is preformed, then they roll in the cart.




"More power!" the doctor yells.




Everyone in the room knows it's over, but the doctor is frantic. He continues to order medicine be given, and the power on the paddles increased. He shocks the patient again and again, but nothing he does can bring the patient back.

Finally, one of the nurses has to gently remove the paddles from his hand and lead him from the room, while a Resident pronounces the patient dead and calls the time of death.

This story is analogous to where our raid team is at right now. Our raid leader is valiantly trying to keep our raiding alive, but it's like she's the only one in the room who won't recognize that our raid team has died, killed off by apathy of the impending expansion.

We called off our raid Monday, and again, Tuesday. Our last successful raid was last Thursday. But undaunted, we will once again try to put together a raid tonight.

The small group of us who want to continue, which I consider myself a part of, simply can't, as our Raid Leader put it last night, "want it" for the rest of the raid.

As an aside, there is actually a study being done by Cornell University on experiences people have between when they 'die' and are revived. This isn't X-Files stuff, this is a real scientific study.

For example, one pretty common element of these stories is a report by the person that they were floating over the room. So the scientists are going to put paintings on the floor of the Operating Room. Because patients come into the room on their backs, there is no way they can know what those painting look like. So patients will be asked to describe those paintings.

Not to get too far afield, but there are really only two alternatives.

Either our consciousness, being self aware, having the ability to reason, to appreciate beauty, and to have real purpose is only the unplanned, undirected, mutation of the brain for the purpose of faking the brain into thinking their is a reason to survive, when there is no reason. Again is all by the mutation of hundreds of undirected and unguided genes.

That's what we are.

The only other option is this.

We are more than biological matter that composes us, and that element of us, whatever it may be, transcends mortal life, and was created by something bigger than our biological world.

Every religion, every philosophy, all of them come down to this point of decision. Either it's all a mutation and really a distortion of reality, or there is something more going on inside of us than any of us are fully aware of.
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